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"A bunch of files goes missing after a system error? Inaccessible USB drive or memory card? Unreadable storage device? Lost data after formatting a FAT/FAT32 partition? You can easily restore the complete file and folder structure with Hetman FAT & NTFS Recovery!"

The tool will effectively restore information lost after a system accident, firmware malfunction and user error. Supporting all versions of the FAT file system including FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32, Hetman FAT Recovery is designed to recover files and folders from hard disks, USB pen drives, and all popular memory cards including the latest mini- and micro- varieties. In addition, the tool can recover information directly from many models of digital cameras, tablets, mobile phones and audio players.

Recovers Portable Devices
Extracts information deleted from portable devices such as digital cameras, audio players, tablets, smartphones and GPS navigators connected via a USB cord. Directly supports many types of portable devices, recovering information from their built-in memory as long as connected devices appear as drive letters on your computer.

Formatted Partitions
Recovers data from formatted partitions, repartitioned hard drives, deleted volumes and disks with corrupted file systems. Automatically locates deleted partitions and missing file systems, performing the most comprehensive recovery. Low-level content-aware disk scan reliably discovers and extracts files even if no file system is found.

Undeletes Files
Makes undeleting files easy. Recovers files and folders removed from the Recycle Bin or deleted “permanently” with “Shift” + “Del”. When deleted, files are not wiped off the hard drive. Instead, they are simply marked as “deleted” in the file system. The tool can locate such file system records, trace down the exact physical location of deleted files on the disk, and successfully recover the files.

Cures Malware Damage
Viruses, malware and system glitches may destroy data or block access to certain files. Hetman FAT Recovery helps easily recover such information even if the file system is damaged or corrupted. The tool can successfully recover files from disks that are rendered inaccessible, are missing essential system structures as well as disks that are deliberately crippled by malware in order to prevent user access.

Hardware and Firmware Errors
Errors in firmware and hardware glitches are responsible for many cases of data loss. Hetman FAT Recovery can recover files lost after hardware/firmware glitches, restoring or unblocking inaccessible information even if Windows claims the disk must be formatted. File recovery is even possible if no trace of the file system is left on the device.

Corrupted Disks
Recovers data from damaged, corrupted and inaccessible hard drives and flash-based storage devices even if Windows can’t read the disk. Hetman FAT Recovery applies sophisticated techniques to make use of any information remaining in the damaged file system, and uses low-level signature-search algorithms to reliably locate and recover files if the file system is completely messed up.

Hetman NTFS Recovery
Hetman NTFS Recovery restores information that goes missing after a storage accident. Formatted and repartitioned hard drives, deleted partitions, inaccessible disks or simply a bunch of deleted files and folders – Hetman NTFS Recovery can recover everything as long as the problem concerns an NTFS volume.

Missing Data
Hetman NTFS Recovery can restore missing and inaccessible files and folders from all NTFS-formatted devices such as system disks, SSD drives etc. This includes information stored on formatted partitions and deleted volumes, inaccessible files and files located on unreadable hard drives. Sophisticated data recovery algorithms ensure safe and reliable recovery and the highest success rate among similar tools.

Wrong Disk Partitioning
Hetman NTFS Recovery can recover data from accidentally repartitioned hard drives even if the partitioning process was interrupted, leaving the disk in unreadable state. By performing a low-level search, the tool is able to identify the original deleted partitions and locate their file systems even if new volumes have been created and initialized.

File System Errors
NTFS is pretty robust, but errors can and do happen even there. Hetman NTFS Recovery can recover files after file system corruption, even if the entire logical drive is inaccessible. The tool can make use of the second backup copy of NTFS stored in the middle of the volume, and can recover files successfully even if both copies of the file system are severely damaged.

Emptied Recycle Bin
Deleted a file with Shift + Del or emptied the Recycle Bin? Hetman NTFS Recovery can recover those files in a matter of minutes. Even if you “permanently” delete a file with Shift + Del, its data is not emptied or overwritten automatically. Instead, its file system record is marked as “deleted”. Hetman NTFS Recovery looks up for such records and restores the files.

Malware Activities
Malware can lock up valuable information, corrupt the hard disk or wipe important system structures in the beginning of a disk. The same can happen is a power outage or a system failure fails during a file copy operation. Whether you experienced a virus attack, a power outage or a program error that led to corrupted file system, Hetman NTFS Recovery can restore information from such disks quickly and safely.

Corrupted and Inaccessible Disks
Sometimes you just can’t access a hard drive, with Windows displaying an error box. Error messages vary from a simple “Access Denied” or “Windows cannot access this disk” to a lengthy message suggesting you to format the disk. More often than not, this is a matter of a corrupted or missing file system. Hetman NTFS Recovery can access those devices in low level and recover information stored on them.


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