Hell: The Devil's Domain [DVDRip AVI - 1.45 GB]

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Hell: The Devil's Domain [DVDRip AVI - 1.45 GB]
Hell: The Devil's Domain
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Genre: Documentary

From the dark Hades of Greek Mythology to the fire-and-brimstone visions of fundamentalist thunderers, Hell has long held a particular grip over the human imagination. This History Channel documentary travels the world to peer into the darkest depths of this eternal fascination.

Following Lucifer's trail from cave paintings in France circa 6,000 BC to current portrayals in popular culture, our 2-hour exploration shows how Hell and the Devil remain powerful forces--at a church in Texas, where souls are delivered from Satan's grip; in talks with a survivor of the 1980s recovered memory craze, who "recalled" attending Witches' Sabbaths that practiced cannibalism; and at the modern Church of Satan. We review literary landmarks that expanded our ideas of the Underworld, from Dante's Inferno and Milton's Paradise Lost to Mark Twain's anti-hero, and trace development of Christian, Moslem, Jewish, and Buddhist conceptions of the afterlife.

Hell: The Devil's Domain [DVDRip AVI - 1.45 GB]

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