Heavenstamp - Decadence-E.P.+REMIXES [2012]

Asia, Japanese. March 28, 2012 by ranikid.

Very Recommended!! (track6 started min 04.23 - 06.13)

Lead track "Decadence" is, for the theme of "melody and poetic sentiment", give a sense of heavily band, produced in the recording than five people, including one shot by Russell Lissack is a co-producer. Representing the "shoegaze and symphonic" in the EP "Waterfall" the second bullet, the "is catchy and pop" in the EP "Stand by you" the first major bullet, we have presented a unique view of the world. In "Decadence-EP REMIXES" work now, more than two work so far, by relating to the UK without compromising sound, individuality and belief in the band scene in Japan has Heavenstamp, more clarification. Has become a carve out the time sheet was condensed all the individuality of Heavenstamp. Has become a hot topic every time Remix, Now his participation Animal Collective, will DJ UPPERCUT. Net decision ending theme "CDTV" national TV on TBS in April!

Heavenstamp - Decadence-E.P.+REMIXES [2012]
Release 発売日: 2012.03.28
Bitrate 音質: 320Kbps
Genre ジャンル: Rock Pop Electronic
Rate オススメ: ★★★☆☆

リードトラック「Decadence」は、"メロディと歌心"をテーマに、バンド感を色濃く出す為に、共同プロデューサーであるRussell Lissackを含めた5人による一発録りで制作。メジャー第1弾E.P.「Stand by you」で"ポップさとキャッチーさ"を、第2弾E.P.「Waterfall」で"シンフォニックさとシューゲイズ"を表現し、独自の世界観を提示してきた。今作「Decadence-E.P.+REMIXES」で、これまでの2作以上に、日本のバンドシーンにおいてHeavenstampが持つ個性・信念を、妥協する事無くUKサウンドに拘る事により、より明確化。Heavenstampの個性を全て凝縮した時代を切り開く1枚となっている。毎回 Remixも話題となっているが、今作はAnimal Collective、DJ UPPERCUTが参加。TBS系テレビ全国ネット「CDTV」4月度エンディングテーマに決定!

Size: 60.86MB (320Kbps)
File name: 280312-Heavenstamp-Decadence-E.P.REMIXES2012-320Kbps

1 Decadence
2 My doll
3 Core of the noise
4 Fog
5 Decadence -Animal Collective remix
6 My doll -DJ Uppercut remix
7 Fog -ZAK remix

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