HBO - Ganja Queen (2007)

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HBO - Ganja Queen (2007)
HBO - Ganja Queen (2007)
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Genre: Documentary

In 2004, Australian Schapelle Corby, 27, is arrested at the airport in Bali. She and her family arrive for a vacation; ten pounds of marijuana are in her unlocked boogie-board bag.

Seven months later, she's tried for capital crimes. The film picks up the story before the trial and follows it through the verdict. We meet Corby and her extended family. Her cause is adopted by an Aussie businessman, Ron Bakir; he promises legal help. We see a media frenzy at the trial, and we watch the proceedings; we witness her family's pain. Did she do it? Did a family member use her bag in a smuggling attempt? Or, did baggage handlers do it? Is the trial fair? Will she be found guilty?


HBO - Ganja Queen (2007)

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