G.W.A.T. v1.04

Games. September 28, 2009 by CONFiG.
G.W.A.T. v1.04
G.W.A.T. v1.04 (by Westcoast-Games) | 39.72 MB

G.W.A.T. provides fast paced arcade style action and strategy, demanding adaptability of tactics combined with quick reactions to succeed. You control the Procreator bot, capable of deploying bombs, missiles, landmines, blocks and other robots, all for a single purpose …the complete annihilation of the enemy!
Energy is everything, all the exciting actions you perform drain it, as do explosion and melee damage, and it can only be increased with power ups, so when its down to zero – game over. All this makes energy management essential to raising your robot army, and for victory.
The action takes place on a board with permanent and destroyable pillars, with each individual robot’s behaviour varying according to their intelligence level, class and the situation they find themselves in. This all combines to make a game without a title, a compelling, fun and entertaining game.

Game features:
• 3 Game Types : Singleplayer, Skirmish and Multiplayer.
• Skirmish mode gives you complete control over game settings: starting energy, AI levels, board size, power up frequency, ally settings and upto 3 AI players.
• Multiplayer mode (direct play) gives the host complete control over the game settings and upto 3 other human players can connect to play.
• 20 Singleplayer Levels, increasing in difficulty, with in-game saving & loading and replaying of level on defeat.
• Replayability : by using random scenery placement and enemy choice (robot class, intelligence level), no two games should ever be the same.
• 6 Robot Classes, each with their own abilities and specialisations: Procreator, Tank, Soldier, Coercer, Hunter & Tick Tok.
• Individual AI behaviour, each enemy and ally robot has one of 5 intelligence levels, ranging from dumb to genius, different for each class of robot.
• Destroyable & deployable scenery, explode the temporary pillars generated on game start and deploy your own.
• 3D graphics, solid sound effects & professional grade music.
• Movable camera angle and mouse wheel zoom.
• Application auto-tuner, automatically runs on configuration change to optimise the game's performance on your system.

System requirements:
• Windows 2000/XP/Vista
• DirectX 9c
• 1.8 GHz
• 2 GB RAM

Resolution: Custom Fullscreen/Windowed

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