Gurobi Optimization Gurobi for AMPL v2.0.3

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Gurobi Optimization Gurobi for AMPL v2.0.3
Gurobi Optimization Gurobi for AMPL v2.0.3 | 7.4Mb

The Gurobi Optimizer represents the next generation in high-performance optimization software, providing state-of-the-art linear and mixed integer programming solvers that can be accessed through a variety of programming languages and optimization modeling systems. The Gurobi Optimizer is a state-of-the-art simplex based linear programming (LP) and mixed-integer programming (MIP) solver, built from the ground up to exploit modern multi-core processors. Parallelism is included with every Gurobi license. The Gurobi Parallel MIP Optimizer is deterministic: two separate runs on the same model will produce identical solution paths.

The Gurobi Optimizer is written in C and is accessible from several languages. In addition to a powerful, interactive Python interface and a matrix-oriented C interface, we provide object-oriented interfaces from C++, Java, and Python. These interfaces have all been designed to be lightweight and easy to use, with the goal of greatly enhancing the accessibility of our products. And since the interfaces are lightweight, they are faster and use less memory than other standard interfaces. Our online documentation (Quick Start Guide, Example Tour and Reference Manual) describes the use of these interfaces. We also have a .NET interface through Microsoft Solver Foundation (MSF). The Gurobi Optimizer is the default MIP solver in MSF.

Version 2.0 of the Gurobi Optimizer is now available! This new version includes a number of enhancements:

* Significant improvements in MIP performance: For difficult models, Gurobi 2.0 is roughly four times as fast as Gurobi 1.1.
* Significant improvements in simplex performance: The new dual simplex optimizer is roughly twice as fast as Gurobi 1.1.
* Improvements in parallel MIP performance: Gurobi 2.0 extracts more benefit from each additional core in your multi-core system.
* MIP IIS (Irreducible Infeasible Subsystem): Gurobi 2.0 can identify the causes of infeasibility in MIP as well as LP models.
* MIP node files: Allow you to store MIP nodes on disk and thus solve much larger MIP models.
* Cloud computing: Gurobi is now available on-demand via the Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud.
* New examples: An extensive new set of examples illustrates key features and uses for Gurobi in all supported languages.
* Support for Mac OS X.

Gurobi Optimization Gurobi for AMPL v2.0.3

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