Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus PAL WII-ZER0

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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus PAL WII-ZER0 | 4.8 GB

Release name: Guilty_Gear_XX_Accent_Core_Plus_PAL_WII-ZER0
Region: PAL
Genre: Fighting
Publisher: Aksys Games
Developer: ARC System Works
Release Date: 06.05.2011
Language: uk
The Guilty Gear series launched an entirely new style of fighting games, and it is celebrating its 10th anniversary with the most complete and definitive version of the game to date, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core. Follow the stories of 25 of your favorite characters who have returned with new fighting moves, as well as their unlockable original


Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus like all the previous iterations in the Guilty Gear series is a 2D fighter. Gameplay consist of one-on-one match ups between Japanese anime inspired characters utilizing multiple possible kick and punch combos attacks, as well as slashing attacks via your chosen character’s signature weapon. These signature weapons are one way that XXX Accent Core Plus stands out from other games in the 2D fighter genre. Although players will see a bevy of familiar blunt and bladed weapons, they will notice that many characters wield off-the-wall items that have to be seen in action to be believed. Just a few examples of these are a pool cue, a talking life-sized key and an extendable pink teddy bear.

Special Attacks and Defenses

Although true to the aggressive-oriented gameplay that has made the Guilty Gear series a player favorite for ten years, XX Accent Core Plus strikes a balance between offense and defense through “force break” attacks and “slash backs.” Force break attacks are powered-up versions of characters’ special techniques used to enhance individual offense strikes as well as combination attacks. On the defensive end, players can turn defensive tactics offensive with the “slash back,” which with a little practice allows characters to consistently come out of a defensive animation quickly, giving you an opportunity to more safely counterattack from a defensive position.


Just in time to take advantage of high resolution 480p graphics, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus features the return of over 25 beloved characters from the Guilty Gear franchise, including Kliff, Justice and many more. In addition to the shear number of available combatants, fans of the series will be pleased to find that all of their favorite characters are unlocked and ready for use right off the bat. And included with each is a brand new, never before seen story to be uncovered in story mode.

Game Modes

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus features an assortment of different game modes designed to provide players with alternative play options and increase the life of the game. These modes include: mission mode, story mode, training mode, survival mode, free play and more.

Features :

* Celebrate the 10th anniversary of one of most influential fighting game franchises in video game history.
* Discover the back story to all of your favorite characters in the Guilty Gear mythos, with fully voiced dialogue.
* Accent Core Plus marks the return of fan favorites Kliff Undersn and Justice, rounding out the cast of 25 playable characters.
* Create a three-man team in Versus Mode to find out which characters are the ultimate Guilty Gear team-up.
* Level up your character’s abilities and traits in the re-tuned Survival Mode.


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