Grimm S01E18 1080p READNFO HDTV X264-QCF

TV Shows. April 23, 2012 by Jason.

Episode: Cat and Mouse


Release Date : 2012-04-22
Notes: We are not on any nuke nets, but we notice the nuke wars on our 1080p releases.
[NUKE]-[TV][Game.of.Thrones.S02E01.1080p.HDTV.X264-QCF] reason: invalid.resolution_low.encode.settings [Z---N-T] you know who you are
First of all we would like to mention that there are no rules for 1080p encoding.
Second X264-720p standard are only for 720p encodes, but i will add that it does not mention a max resolution
Third how can it be low encode settings when a ruleset does not exsist?

So we have change some of the settings, trying to find the best settings.
We Kept CRF-18
We kept lv4.1 High Profile because it is bluray native.
We changed ref frames to 4 since the resolution is above 864 (1080p) to respect L4.1 High Profile
We changed hex/me settings, to me-umh

--level 4.1 --crf 18.0 --keyint 300 --min-keyint 25 --ref 4 --me umh
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