Grimes - Geidi Primes (Reissue) 2012-pLAN9

MUSiC, Album. April 14, 2012 by Jason.

Originally released by Montreal's Arbutus Records as a free download and cassette in early 2010, Geidi Primes is being re-released by renowned London label No Pain In Pop (Forest Swords, Nite Jewel, Echo Lake) in support of her European tour this autumn.

Original Release / Arbutus Records
Grimes Geidi Primes (Reissue) 2012-pLAN9
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2012, Arbutus Grimes aka 22 year old Montraler Claire Boucher - makes a special kind of weird pop which is far removed from any of that of her peers and extremely broad in it's references. Frequently beautiful, melancholic and scary but always immediate, her tracks are a peculiarly accessible mix of Broadcast, Bjork, Kate Bush and the codeine heavy beats of previous No Pain In Pop artist Nite Jewel.

Her debut record Geidi Primes is the synthesis of this unconventional, genre-bending approach to music. "Gambang" is led by a playful sample and Boucher's chameleon like vocals the melancholic "Venus In Fleurs" pairs a post-rock guitar line with a Salem-style low end and album standouts "Avi" and "Fyed Rautha Dark Heart" offer up two supremely catchy pop choruses.

Geidi Primes is a landmark album of modern Canadian fringe, an assemblage of space-station pop memorabilia teleported from a time-static nether-zone beyond the scope of our earthly understanding. I’ve been waiting months for this, posting anxious pleas to Grimes after hearing the sinuous, harrowing bass-line on Rosa. With the curiously packaged cassette in my fiending grip, the orbiting swaths of synthetic warmth and echoing drum-machines have caused exciting astral projections outside my usual mental musicalia. Geidi Primes takes off from Rosa’s minimal bass-lines and launches straight into a strange hybrid of Björk, The Cure, Micachu, and other avant seamstresses, leaving a footprint in every decade and thankfully landing in ours. Chord progressions and samples are pulled from any source imaginable and the aggregation results in a Kate Bushian trail of decadence. It seems pointless and restrictive attempting to describe its brilliance, so I’ll stop with this: Geidi Primes is a flagship of hyperbolic dimensions. Get on board.

GENRE: Electronic
LABEL: Arbutus Records

YEAR: 2012
RiP.DATE: 2012-04-10
STORE.DATE: 2012-01-00

GRABBER: EAC V0.99 prebeta 4
SiZE: 55.21 megs
BiTRATE: 234 kbps avg

1. Caladan 2:27
2. Sardaukar Levenbrech 2:07
3. Zoal, Face Dancer 2:37
4. Rosa 3:14
5. Avi 2:37
6. Feyd Rautha Dark Heart 3:43
7. Gambang 1:35
8. Venus In Fluers 2:44
9. Grisgris 3:24
10. Shadout Mapes 4:33
11. Beast Infection 2:21


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