Go-2-School Sketchup Plus CAD Training DVD-iRONiSO

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Go-2-School Sketchup Plus CAD Training DVD-iRONiSO

Go-2-School Sketchup Plus CAD Training DVD-iRONiSO | 1.17 GB

This DVD is geared for professionals looking to become more efficient and effective at using CAD and SketchUp together. Architects, builders, and anyone else that needs to understand now to make SketchUp and CAD play nice, this DVD is for you!

SketchUp & CAD - Chapter 1
Mike welcomes you to the SketchUp and CAD series of lessons.

SketchUp & CAD - Chapter 2
Use the Google 3D Warehouse to download the file for the SketchUp and CAD lessons to follow.

SketchUp & CAD - Chapter 3
Learn to turn off the perspective of your SketchUp model so that you can export scaled CAD drawings.

SketchUp & CAD - Chapter 4
Mike shows you how to align your elevation views so that you can export those elevations as CAD drawings.

SketchUp & CAD - Chapter 5
The Section Tool is used to prepare Section Slices of your 3D model for export to 2D CAD plan or elevation files. Mike explains how to use the Section Tool including tips and tricks for editing and viewing section cuts of your model.

SketchUp & CAD - Chapter 6
Mike works with Section Cuts and Display Modes to prepare the 3D model for exporting CAD data.

SketchUp & CAD - Chapter 7
Mike shows you how to export CAD files from a 3D SketchUp model.

SketchUp & CAD - Chapter 8
Mike shows you how to successfully import CAD files, including showing you how to properly set the import preferences.

SketchUp & CAD - Chapter 9
Once you've imported CAD files, you'll want to set the scale or drawing units. Mike shows you how to accomplish this using the Tape Measure Tool to resize the model.

SketchUp & CAD - Chapter 10
Mike demonstrates how to take the imported CAD plan and rotate and move it into place. Learn to stand the flat Elevations up in the vertical direction.

SketchUp & CAD - Chapter 11
Now that we've imported a 2D CAD plan and lined it up to reference later in the modeling process, its time to prepare the file to be converted into 3D.

SketchUp & CAD - Chapter 12
There are a number of powerful plugins - or additional functionality - for SketchUp on the market. And many of them are free! They are called Ruby Scripts, and in this lesson Mike shows you where to find Ruby Scripts that will help you model more efficiently from CAD drawings. Mike also shows you how to download and install the plugins that will help you complete the rest of the lessons in this series.

SketchUp & CAD - Chapter 13
This one will save your 3D modeling life: Don't trace over CAD lines to make surfaces and faces in SketchUp! Use the Make Faces plugin to save days of your time - Mike shows you how in this lesson.

SketchUp & CAD - Chapter 14
When you import a CAD file, you might try to create surfaces inside all of the lines and edges. No matter the method you use, often some faces or surfaces just won't seem to fill in! Mike explains how two plugins might be useful in helping trouble shoot the offending lines and edges: Label Stray Lines and Make Faces. These two plugins are big time savers - sometimes sparing you several days of tedious work.

SketchUp & CAD - Chapter 15
One of the most important things you can do when it comes to working with CAD files within SketchUp is learn to model walls accurately and efficiently. There are a number of different ways to accomplish this, but we think Mike's come up with one of the best methods out there: Learn to use the Rectangle Tool, Move Tool and the Push Pull Tool to get a set of Exterior Walls modeled ASAP.

SketchUp & CAD - Chapter 16
When you work with CAD, you end up importing often unnecessary layers. It's important to delete the unneeded stuff and start specifying your own layer management system right away to keep your 3D model organized. Mike introduces the topic of layer management in this lesson and shows you how to begin putting the exterior walls of a small house on their own layer in SketchUp.

SketchUp & CAD - Chapter 17
If you've already seen chapter 15 on creating Exterior Walls, then this one will be a breeze! If not, dive into this short lesson on how to take wall information from a CAD plan and literally pull it up into a set of 3D interior walls.

SketchUp & CAD - Chapter 18
Mike gives you a quick pep talk about layer management and keeping your groups organized in different layers. Don't skip this quick insight - it will save you hours of frustration later!

SketchUp & CAD - Chapter 19
Mike demonstrates how to model an accurate floor, foundation and footing for a small house.

SketchUp & CAD - Chapter 20
Drawing a roof in SketchUp can be a pain if you don't plan carefully. Luckily, Mike has a couple of tricks up his sleeve: In this lesson, learn how to use the Pencil Tool to draw an accurate profile, and then the Follow Me Tool to quickly generate accurate roof geometry. By the end of this lesson, you'll have a fully modeled lid to this new home - all without needing the actual roof plan!

SketchUp & CAD - Chapter 21
One of the easiest ways to work quickly with different groups and layers in SketchUp is to be able to quickly show and hide items in the model. Mike will show you how to use the Hide Rest of the Model command to more easily work on the roof. Also, learn how to set your own keyboard shortcut for the Hide command.

SketchUp & CAD - Chapter 22
When working with CAD files in SketchUp, taking time for clean-up throughout the modeling process is always a good idea. Mike teaches you how to clean up some extra edges and surfaces in the model of the roof, then also shows you how to do some similar clean up on the Exterior Walls and Interior Walls.

SketchUp & CAD - Chapter 23
Once you model all of the walls from your CAD drawings, you'll want to cut the openings for the windows and doors. In this lesson, Mike shows you how to reference CAD files for height and width information. He also demonstrates an easy Push Pull Tool trick for breezing through multiple window and door cutouts.

SketchUp & CAD - Chapter 24
Mike begins to build the deck and will show you some of his priceless tricks for quickly and accurately modeling the staircase. For good measure, he'll show you how to add the retaining wall below the deck and the planter - all from the information he's referencing from the CAD plan and elevation drawings.

SketchUp & CAD - Chapter 25
Landscape Architects and Designers - this lesson is definitely for you! Mike shows you how to take the CAD plan and elevation for a patio and trellis, and turn the 2D drawings into a 3D model. There are a handful of ticks in this segment that will save you hours and maybe even days of time!

SketchUp & CAD - Chapter 26
So you need to add windows to your house design, but you're having trouble finding the right size? Never fear: Mike shows you how some window companies are using SketchUp's Dynamic Component functionality to program a ton of configurable options into one component model. Learn how to download one dynamic component of a window and configure it to fit exactly to the dimensions in your elevation file.

SketchUp & CAD - Chapter 27
Looking for the perfect toilet, refrigerator or door to specify in your new home design? Mike shows you where to look for real-world products on the Google 3D Warehouse, how to download them to your computer and how to properly add them to your 3D home design.

SketchUp & CAD - Chapter 28
Bathroom Designers, this lesson is for you. Mike demonstrates how to take real world materials from the Google 3D Warehouse and add them to your model. Learn how to find and specify floor tile, wall tile and other materials.

SketchUp & CAD - Chapter 29
Mike reviews the house that has been created from CAD plans and shows a number of components and materials that he has added to the interiors to finish the design. Take a look at many of the products that he's added from the Google 3D Warehouse and try your hand at designing the last empty room.

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