Gnomon Workshop - Creature Design with Terryl Whitlatch vol 4 (ENG)

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Gnomon Workshop - Creature Design with Terryl Whitlatch vol 4 (ENG)

Gnomon Workshop - Creature Design with Terryl Whitlatch vol 4 (ENG)
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In this fourth DVD of a series, Terryl Whitlatch demonstrates how to create a monstrous villain, the Toad-Ogre, as well as other assorted creature characters suitable for film, animation and video games. This is a first-hand look at how creatures are designed in the entertainment industry, with a concise step-by-step analysis from the first rough sketches to the final designs and sculptural maquette. Not only does Terryl share her techniques and tools, including complete drawing and colorization demonstrations, but she also discusses in depth the vital interrelationship between the design of the creatures and the story and script. Terryl discusses what it's like to work with an art director and with other artists in a professional art department setting, and how the team functions together to create the best possible designs.

Topics Covered:

The vital relationship between story and design
Personality and design
Believability--The science behind the design
The story role of the Toad-Ogre creature
Exploring variation in design
Expression and gesture
Designing related creatures
Accessories costume, props, and weapons
Pushing the Anatomy using out of the box thinking
Working as a team


1. Introduction
2. Preliminary Roughs of Toad-Ogre, Character Personality and Role
3. Concept Sketches, Skin Textures, Front /Side Views, Locomotion
4. Finished Side View, Props, Weaponry, Accessories
5. The Design of a Mount the Gigantic Snapping Turtle-saurus
6. The Design of the Alpha-Leader Toad-Ogre, Captive Creature
7. The Alpha Toad-Ogre, Hatchlings, and Mud Monster in Dramatic Pose
8. Drawing Demonstration of the Alpha-Leader Toad-Ogre
9. Color Demo of the Alpha-Leader Toad-Ogre, Hatchlings, and Mud Monster
10. Alternate Interpretation of Toad-Ogre by Concept Artist Nicolas Villarreal
11. Macquette of the Alpha-Leader Toad-Ogre by Concept Sculptor Drew Williams

Gnomon Workshop - Creature Design with Terryl Whitlatch vol 4 (ENG)

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