gfx2day - Video Tutorials for 3ds Max

Tutorial & e-learning. November 4, 2011 by Muawia.

gfx2day - Video Tutorials for 3ds Max
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1. 3D Realistic Pen.
Here we'll be Learning Everything from Modeling, Shading, Lighting and Rendering Model Our pen to make IT as Look Realistic as Possible.

2. Putting 3D in a 2D pen Real Image
We Will be Learning How to put Our 3D Image rendered in a 2D scene Read and make IT Look like ITS Actually Located in the scene. In this tutorial We Will be using 3D Studio max and Photoshop to Produce Our Final Image.

03-04. The Lamp (lighting, rendering and Modeling)
First Part of Our tutorial series The Lamp is here now. Part two of the lamp tutorial is here. We'll be talking about many things like lighting, rendr settings and color adjustming in photoshop.

5. Text lighting Chrome
text with a lighting illuminates from behind the IT text Itself.

6. 3D Eye
How to make 3D Eye like the ones you See in Pixar Movies?? Here iam again Back with Another tutorial and this time about this cartoonish 3D eye style.

7. Reactor Basics
In this video tutorial Reactor Free Will We talk about the Basics of 3D Reactor in Studio Max, and Will learn How to make Things fall on Each Other and SO many interesting Things to learn.

08-09. The Mendut Temple (part 1) (part 2)
Time for Some Ancient Buildings Guys. It's the Mendut Temple, the Building Looks cool Lets SO IT Model, That simple.

10. Easy way to make cloth using Reactor
Today I Will show you How to make cloth in a really Easy way in 3Ds max using Reactor.

11. Toothbrush
Our tutorial Today Will show you How to make the toothbrush hair using the Hair and Fur modifier in 3ds max in an Easy way.

12. Soccer Ball
This time Our ??tutorial Will be about Modeling and rendering this soccer ball in the Image, you CAN use IT as an icon or Blend IT with a nice background .. many things

13. Sugar Pot
gfx2day Another Free 3D max video tutorial show you How to Model and render a sugar pot, Hope you like IT.

14. FumeFX
So this time we're gonna talk about the amazing and FumeFX Things We CAN do with IT, I Hope you like this tutorial.

15. Scissors
Let's refresh Modeling Our skills with this 3D max video tutorial Showing you How to Model and render a 3D Scissors.

16. Car Tyres
Hello again and Welcome to this new Free 3D Studio max tutorial video Showing you How to Model 3D Tyres.

17. Making Real Lenses
In this video tutorial show you gonna IM How to make concave and Convex Lenses and use Them to zoom in and out Inside 3ds max using the vray Standard Refract material. 18. Realistic Interior lighting using IES Time for Some interior lighting tutorial, I Will cover using IES lights in this video.

18. Realistic Interior lighting using IES.
Time for some interior lighting tutorial, i will cover using IES lights in this video.

19. VRay 2.0 new features.
VRay 2.0 Looks really amazing and is Has Some Stunning new features. In this video tutorial I'll show you Some of the new features like How to use vray and RT See your work in Real time and cool stuff like Other : VRayCarPaintMtl material, V-Ray Light Specific lister and More ...

20-21. 3D Studio Max Basic Training - Part 1 & 2
This is our first and two part in the 3d studio max basic training series.

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