FXPHD : BKD212 Background Fundamentals

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FXPHD : BKD212 Background Fundamentals

FXPHD : BKD212 Background Fundamentals
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Two terms ago we featured visual effects specialists from around the world discussing their perspective on what it takes to be a visual effects supervisor. While hugely successful, we received feedback that people wanted to go inside a real production and do a case study on a real project being made. The complexity of doing this and the legal complications seemed, well, almost impossible. But we pulled it off.
For the first time that we are aware, a production agreed to partner with fxphd to allow unparalleled access to a real production. Instead of simply filming a making of, we were THE visual effects company for the project. Last January, fxphd signed on to provide the visual effects for the mini series Red Dwarf.

Shot entirely in the UK on multiple RED ONE cameras, this UK television production airs this Easter in the UK. Mike Seymour, on set as the second unit Director and Visual Effects Supervisor, discusses a major production from the inside perspective of planning, shooting and posting a major 3 part mini series. The Red Dwarf program is hugely popular in the UK pulling record audiences when it last aired.
This new special finds all the original cast back for a massive intergalactic journey that returns to the guys to Earth. Shot on location at famous UK landmarks such as Coronation Street in Manchester and in studio at Pinewood Shepperton Studios. The production choose to shoot on the RED One cameras with extensive greenscreen compositing, virtual sets,
digital characters and a very real and serious production schedule: from the end of principle photography until delivery fxphd delivered 262 shots in 27 days.

Of course we were not alone. FIN Design in Sydney provided brilliant virtual set work and some 25 shots. The workload was also completed through our fxphd Special Ops program a select team of 18 fxphd members worked tirelessly around the globe from India to the Ukraine, from Manchester to China working on shots and producing outstanding work.
The quality of which is breathtaking on an episodic television show. This terms Background Fundamentals will recount this production on a weekly basis bringing a level of insight that otherwise wouldnt have een possible.

Professor: Mike Seymour


Background Fundamentals is the required course for fxphd members and covers a wide range of topics the fundamental building blocks of visual effects. This course is a great overview of the industry and deals with a different aspect everyweek.

Release Date: January 2008

Class 1
Your life, your choices part 01, indie film making

Class 2
Your life, your choices part 02, facilities

Class 3

Your life, your choices part 03, freelancing

Class 4
Ad agencies

Class 5
script breakdown

Class 6 ***********************Corrupted-not included***********************
Tragedies and journalists

Class 7
Gaming industry

Class 8

Class 9

Class 10
A discussion with a Brand Manager

FXPHD : BKD212 Background Fundamentals

FXPHD : BKD212 Background Fundamentals

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