FutureComp VinylMaster Pro 2.96 R01 + FutureRip SE 1.95.R05

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FutureComp VinylMaster Pro 2.96 R01 + FutureRip SE 1.95.R05

FutureComp VinylMaster Pro 2.96 R01 + FutureRip SE 1.95.R05 | 190.6 Mb

Future Corporation Ltd is proud to present VinylMaster Pro now bundled with 'FutureRIP SE' and 'Font Detective' the truly professional Sign and RIP software for the 21st Century. Why do we call VinylMaster Pro the ultimate? To begin with our software comes complete with all the features - and more - of sign packages costing up to 10 times as much! VinylMaster Pro's user interface puts all the designing tools you'll ever need right at your fingertips, while the convenient pop-up menus mean that your screen is never cluttered. Clicking with your right mouse button opens VinylMaster Pro's handy Power Menus, letting you get the job done without having to waste time searching though masses of hidden options.

The program's main toolbox is designed to give you instant access to all the program's powerful features, while you can close it to regain valuable screen space at the click of a button.

Overview of Modules:

Scanning & Tracing: Designed to scan and then trace given artwork to be cut out onto a Vinyl Cutting Plotter or Printed out.

Curve Editing: Advanced Tools to manipulate shapes (edit) that are made from curves and lines (paths).

Import/Export: Interface to swap designs between VinylMaster Pro and third party software, such as: CorelDRAW™, FlexiSIGN™, Omega™ and SignLab™ etc.

Welding Module: Specialist Tools that remove unwanted lines behind shapes to form new shapes which in turn can be cut out.

Special Effects: Applies special effects to artwork, such as: Outline, Inline, Block and Drop Shadow, 3D Effects, Cast, Extrusion, Stripes, Multi Outline, Wood Carve, Tool Path and Keyline etc.

Image Cut: Applies thin lines to an image (bitmap) that when cut out onto vinyl appears to be a photograph (not vinyl) from a given viewing distance (optical Illusion).

Vinyl Spooler: Manages and Sends for cutting, artwork that has been converted into a Cut File.

Speed-Weed: Applies a line through a Cut File without effecting the strokes of text for rapid weeding of vinyl.

Large Format Digital Printing
If you're already into or would like to get into Large Format Digital Printing now you can with VinylMaster Pro, which comes bundled as standard with: FutureRIP SE.

This RIP software is our very latest release which is packed with innovative tools and features for accurately reproducing full color artwork from a large format printer.

Overview of Built-In Tools and Features:

Text Features: VinylMaster Pro's text features are second to none. The program comes with a full set of text manipulation tools to make efficient sign design and layout a breeze.

Clipart & Corporate Logos: The Clipart 6000 collection puts a wealth of quality ready-to-cut clipart images at your disposal. We also include a great selection of accurate corporate logos* from many major companies - over 3500 of them! - all ready to be cut out.

*The use of corporate logos and trademarks is subject to copyright laws and owner approval see Legal Disclaimer.

Rulers & Dimension Tools: You'll love our range of on-screen measuring tools. The Scale Ruler feature will really save you time marking out your work, and your print-outs can even include actual-size rulers, letting you take measurements directly off them - no more worrying about scale ratios!

Vehicle Templates: Creating car and truck signage has never been easier! VinylMaster Pro comes with a growing range of full-color photographic vehicle templates, including front, rear and side views.

Shapes Tools: VinylMaster Pro comes with a library of standard shapes. Each has its own set of special control points which give you total control over every aspect of the shape using your mouse.

Distortions: VinylMaster Pro comes with a range of editable distortions which can be applied to any object, including text. A great feature of these effects is that they are persistent - you can go back and edit the distortion, even after saving and re-loading the file.

Color Charts: VinylMaster Pro's Color Selection Module lets you select your materials from a list which includes most of the current brands of vinyl available today. The sample colors have been matched as closely as possible to the actual vinyl colors, so you can always be confident that what you see on your screen is what you will get out in the field.

Hom Page - http://www.iifuture.com/united_states/vmp_details.htm

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