FrameForge 3D Studio 2.5.12 build 9

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FrameForge 3D Studio 2.5.12 build 9
FrameForge 3D Studio 2.5.12 build 9 | 142.45 MB

FrameForge will help you explore, sharpen and ultimately realize your vision by creating the most powerful presentations for clients, producers and investors, while at the same time giving your cast and crew the vital information to make your vision come alive.
Writers have had script processors for years and now directors, filmmakers, and commercial creatives have the first storyboard software tool that delivers real pre-visualization and exploration of shot coverage BEFORE you go on location.Call for Site License Pricing.

FrameForge® 3D Studio Version 2 Upgrade Features

The new version of FrameForge 3D Studio offers greater ease-of-use, improved speed,amazing TrueOptix™ Optically Accurate Depth of Field and a host of other new features. Work faster and more productively than ever before!

The latest new and improved features include:


* Work faster and easier in Version 2's improved interface
* Full click-and-drag mouse control of all object & camera functions
* Switch among mouse functions simply by middle clicking (wheel clicking on a wheel mouse)
* Faster shot set up with Zoom to Selection Shot Framing
* USB Controller Pad interface lets you control virtually all functions of the program with a standard USB Game Pad or a FrameForge 3D branded Directors Pad


* Render and print any view with TrueOptix™ optically correct depth of field
* This is not a Parallax simulation, but is true Depth of Field based on the optical properties of the frame, its circle of confusion, the f/stop and point of focus
* User controllable f/stop and point of focus
* View and print associated hyperfocal lengths, near and far focus and f/stop with all DOFframes


* Version 2 actors now look and bend in a far more realistic manner, and they use SkeletalMesh Deformation which means they have no visible hinges
* Render significantly faster than Version 1 actors
* More clothing and hair options, including non-skin tight clothing such as dresses forwomen
* All actors can be aged from 20 yrs to 60 yrs old
* Body Morphs allow you to adjust their body shape to make them fatter/thinner/bustier etc.
* Four Ethnicities: Caucasian, Black, Asian and now Middle Eastern
* Multiple Character Heads for each actor of each ethnicity (16 male actors, 16 female actors, 4 boys & 4 girls)


* Render with Outlines gives your FrameForge 3D Studio images heavier lines, making itlook slightly like a cartoon but without the flatness of color of the cartoon rendering
* Render as Cartoon gives your FrameForge 3D Studio images a flatter
* color and heavier lines, making it look like a cartoon
* Sketch Rendering gives your FrameForge 3D Studio images a flatter
* black and white line-drawn look, making it look like a sketch

1- Run installer
2- Run program and, at the registration/activation window, change any info you wish except for the serial.
3- From the drop down menu at the bottom of the reg/activation window, select Manual Activation and take note of the code on the next window.
4- Run the deepzero keymaker for the Power appz (included). If you extract the keymaker from the sfx package, make sure the x.txt file included is in
the same directory as the keymaker. On the key generator itself, you only need to use the offline activation feature under the Power Writer app heading.
5- Enter the code from step 3 in the "Input Key Code" field and hit "Generate Response" button.
6- Enter the response code in the Manual Activation window of the program.

That's it! You have activated FrameForge 3D Studio 2.5.12 build 9

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