FlashForward S01E22 - Future Shock

TV Shows. May 28, 2010 by Fivan.
FlashForward S01E22 -  Future Shock

FlashForward S01E22 - Future Shock

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Suppose everone on earth fell unconscious for two minutes, and during that time, they all had dreams - dreams that matched up with each other - dreams that later experience showed were premonitions of the future? What if the premonition you saw was something you didn't want to happen? Suppose you were living on the streets eating out of garbage cans? What if your wife and child had died? What if you were in prison for the murder of your best friend? How hard would you work to change that future? What would you give up to make it not happen?
When an unexplained event causes exactly that - when everyone blacks out for 137 seconds, everyone gets a vision of what they will be doing six months in the future. Then they wake up to chaos - crashed cars, planes, bathtub drownings - all the things that can go bad in the world when suddenly no one is at the wheel for two full minutes. What happened, who caused it, and was there a deeper ulterior motive at play? Was it intentional? Can it be controlled? Will it happen again?


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