FIFA World Cup 2014 Group F Iran vs Nigeria HDTV

TV Shows. June 17, 2014 by Anonymous.

Regarding those FIFA nukes/a message to BALLS:

Spain vs. Netherlands: Yes, I botched the crop up on that one. Whoopsie. In the future any US matches I cap won't be cropped at all. Internal if you'd like.

England vs Italy and Argentina vs Bosnia: We're stumped why this bad ivtc thing is happening. The captures have no dupe frames and we're doing nothing special with encoding. They're capped off BBC which is 1080i25fps. For whatever reason when we encode with preset slow, crop, deinterlace, and resize, some of these matches get a few dupe frames throughout. There's no bobbing, no selecteven() or selectodd() or selectevery(). There are literally 3 commands: crop, resize, and deinterlace. We're not using a banned deinterlacer either, we're using the same one many use. Bad luck I guess. BALLS, if you need to discuss anything regarding this with us feel free to get in touch privately. For the hell of it I'm including a source sample from the Argentina game in the /SAMPLE dir. Compare that with the encode and you'll see the encode has dupes but the raw does not.

Anyway, enjoy this match from ESPN in its full 60fps glory. I'd cap more of the matches but I already cap an assload of other stuff for the scene so I haven't got the time.

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