Ewen Chia - Internet Millionaire In A Box

Tutorial & e-learning. August 10, 2010 by bomb.
Ewen Chia - Internet Millionaire In A Box
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The complete step-by-step course to starting a million-dollar internet business from scratch! The 6 lessons — with built-in "how-to" videos - 26 of them - make it simple to learn what you need to know, and (more important) to execute your business plan FAST so you can start seeing cash as soon as possible.

Your first lesson sets the stage for everything else you'll learn. It's where you'll discover:
•An overview of everything I'm going to teach you, so you'll have an idea of where you're headed and the results you'll achieve.
•The success mindset you need (this was THE key to my own success, and you can think the same way once I open your eyes).
•The tools you'll need...and it's a surprisingly small number.
•The quickest, easiest (and free) method I know of to research demand, which is the key to your profits.

Your second lesson teaches you where your products will come from
•How to find product candidates at some of the very best sources online today...which took some serious detective work to locate, and didn't even exist when I got my start.
•The easy way to analyze any product (or product component) from any source to see if it's a winner or a loser...and be right 99% of the time.
•My simple method for customizing a product to make it "yours" quickly and easily.
•3 simple ways to recover your investment in any product in literally days (yes, that means fast money, and maybe even big money).

Your third lesson shows you how to set up your long-term business system
•8 ways to offer your product that will attract buyers like ice cream attracts kids.
•How to set up your system, including how to make the simple, quick site you need to sell your product.
•The easy, step-by-step way to write the stuff you need to write, like sales copy, your autoresponder messages...the works (and I really show you, with examples, sample copy for various pages, what to say in emails, everything you need).
•Links to my personal stash of the very best resources to do the work you can't (or don't want to) do yourself.

Your fourth lesson shows you how to get all the traffic you need, and then some
•My core traffic strategy, which combines free methods and paid methods to get you started fast and grow your business to levels you might think are insane even to dream about.
•8 free traffic strategies that can give you avalanches of traffic for years without costing you a dime.
•3 paid strategies and the EASY way to use them so you won't spend sleepless nights worrying about runaway costs (who needs that aggravation?)

Your fifth lesson, this lesson is the one that's most personally exciting for me, because it really is the "missing link" most aspiring Internet millionaires never learn.
•The place where your money really gets made (here's a hint, you might think you're sitting on it...but you're not)
•3 different ways to take your business beyond the "quick money" stage to the "long-term profit engine" stage, and yes, these are both easy and proven.
•3 specific tactics for making more money on every single sale you make, almost right away...and the simple copywriting tips to let you do this with confidence.
•How to marry affiliate marketing (promoting other people's products) to your own products and explode your income, just like I did.
•The almost laughably easy way to make money on autopilot for months or years...from a single sale to one customer!

The final lesson is advanced material. The prior lessons give you the core, but this one's going to launch you into orbit.
•11 mind blowing strategies for growing your profits to obscene levels...and doing it in a way that will make your customers love you.
•How to use one of those strategies to build yourself an army of promoters who will bring you far more customers than you could get on your own.
•9 "out of the box" strategies the pros use (and some they don't know about) to reuse what you already have to multiply your profits quickly.

Ewen Chia - Internet Millionaire In A Box

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