ESF Database Convert v5.9.11

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ESF Database Convert v5.9.11

ESF Database Convert v5.9.11
ESF Database Convert - Converting across various database management platforms

Advanced converting mechanisms of this toolkit provides smooth conversion directly to/from any of the following database management platforms: Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Visual Foxpro, SQLite, FireBird, InterBase, Access, Excel, Paradox, Lotus, dBase, CVS/Text and converting any ODBC DSN to these database management platforms.

It means you can directly converting: Access to MySQL, MySQL to PostgreSQL, PostgreSQL to SQL Server, SQL Server to Excel, Excel to Oracle, Oracle to Firebird, Firebird to SQLite, SQLite to Access and so on. There are more than 256 conversion methods in this toolkit!

Forget those complex SQL statements and annoying differences! Just 3 steps, simple but efficient and flexible! Saving your a lot of time!

This toolkit running in step- by-step wizard-based GUI, just choosing a data source and a destination, then submit conversion, it is all you want to do!

Supporting of table MEMO/BLOB, Primary/Foreign Keys, Indexes, Auto-ID and transfrom table or field name/datatypes/properties in converting. ESF Database Convert provides all the required conversion options, taking into account the peculiarities of both input and output database formats. You can convert data exactly the way you want it. Trial it free ยป

Coming with the batch conversion mode that can enhance productivity by speeding up the entire conversion process. Our users regularly convert multi-million records databases using our software.

Program Features

POWERFUL. More than 256 conversion methods in one product. i.e:
From/ to Oracle Conversion
From/ to SQL Server Conversion
From/ to MySQL Conversion
From/ to PostgreSQL Conversion
From/ to Access 2000/2007 Conversion
From/ to Excel 2000/2007 Conversion
From/to Visual Foxpro Conversion
From/to SQLite Conversion
From/ to FireBird Conversion
From/ to InterBase Conversion
From/ to Paradox 3.x/4.x/5.x Conversion
From/ to Lotus WK1/WK3/WK4 Conversion
From/ to Text File/MailBox/Html Conversion
Converts from any ODBC DSN

SIMPLY. This toolkit runs in step-by-step wizard-based GUI, it can convert one database to the other just 3 steps, everyone can use it so easy.

HIGH-SPEED. According to thousands of tests, ESF Database Convert average speed is the fastest one!

COMPREHENSIVE. Supporting table MEMO/BLOB, Views, Primary Keys, Indexes, Foreign Keys and Autoincrement(Auto-ID) etc.

FLEXIBLY. You can change table/field name, datatype, length, default value and etc, or filter data in converting.

WORLDWIDE. Supports UNICODE, converts all of the world's languages characters. (UTF8, LATIN, CP1250, ASCII and so on);


(Size: 31.5)

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