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Envent is a useful application that was designed in order to help you easily create your own circuits. A genetic algorithm to automatically develop original electronic designs, or improve existing designs.Evolution is an immensely creative process, responsible for amazing creations from the lightening speed of a cheetah to the human brain. Envent is a PC application that uses the principles of evolution and natural selection to automatically develop original, creative circuit designs - from nothing but a "primordial soup" of randomly generated circuits. Without using any advanced knowledge of what an appropriate circuit might look like, it creates unique solutions that, in many cases, would not occur to a human engineer. All you have to do is define the input signals and desired output signals, and it will generate a circuit that fits the bill (at least, as closely as possible – few circuits do their jobs with perfection).

Envent has already recreated several previously patented circuit designs, and had even improved on previously patented circuit designs. Should you develop any patentable circuits, you maintain full patent rights (provided it is done with a properly licensed copy).

Once the parameters are set up, it can run unattended, so you can let it go overnight, and have your results when you get up!

Product Features:
• Random circuit generator
• Simulator
• "Breeder" algorithms
• Output pins can be either assigned automatically or assigned to a fixed location by user
• Able to generate the entire circuit, or only part of the circuit with the remainder as a fixed, user-defined circuit
• Start from randomly generated circuits, user-defined "seed" circuits, or a combination of both
• Find optimal component parameter values for a user-defined schematic
• Free tech support

Component Types
• Inductors
• Capacitors
• Diodes
• Junction Transistors
• MOSFETs (SPICE Level 1)
• Ideal Logic Gates
• Ideal Adders
• Ideal Operational Amplifiers
• Ideal Pulse Modulators
• Dependent and Independent Sources
• Digital-Analog and Analog-Digital Converters
• Transformers
• DC Motors
• Audio Speakers
• Subcircuits (circuits that are treated as components, op-amps, etc)

Signal Types
• DC
• AC (sine wave)
• Linear (signal defined by a series of straight line segments)
• Fourier Series (replicates any repeating pattern)
• Digital
• User Defined Equation
• Voltage, Current or Torque (motor load)

• Analog, digital or mixed circuits.
• Fixed inputs or sweep inputs (simulation with a series of input conditions, such as a filter input)
• Circuit simulation uses time-domain analysis only.
• Pause and save evolution runs at any time so that you can still use your computer when you need it.

Operating System
• Windows 7 / Vista
• Windows XP
• Windows 2000

Home Page - http://www.enventtech.com/

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