English Photography Collection (1985-2011)

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English Photography Collection (1985-2011)

English Photography Collection (1985-2011)
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Books included:
1) Aaland M. Shooting Digital Pro Tips for Taking Great Pictures with Your Digital Camera. Sybex, 2003. PDF
2) Bellingham L. Bybee J. A. Food Styling for Photographers. Focal Press, 2008. PDF
3) Bilous P. The Beginner's Guide to Photographing Nudes. Amherst Media, 2010. PDF
4) Burian P.K. Mastering Digital Photography and Imaging. Sybex, 2004. PDF
5) Busselle M. Wilson D. The Perfect Portrait Guide. How to Photograph People. Rotovision, 2002. PDF
6) Butler Y.J. The Advanced Digital Photographers Workbook. Focal Press, 2005. PDF
7) Child J. Studio Photography Essential Skills. Focal Press, 2005. PDF
8) Darlow A. Pet Photography 101. Focal Press, 2010. PDF
9) David D. Busch. Digital Photography and Imaging. Coriolis, 2002. PDF
10) David D. Busch. Digital Photography Solutions. Muska & Lipman, 2003. PDF
11) David D. Busch. Mastering Digital SLR Photography. Thomson, 2005. PDF
12) Davies A. Close-Up and Macro Photography. Focal Press, 2010. PDF
13) Diallo A. Mastering Digital Black and White. Thomson, 2007. PDF
14) Duncan Evans, Iain Banks. Classic Glamour Photography. Argentum, 2003. PDF
15) Edge M. The Underwater Photographer. Focal Press, 2006. PDF
16) Farace J. Complete Guide to Digital Infrared Photography. Lark, 2008. PDF
17) Farace J. Getting Started with Digital Imaging. Focal Press, 2007. PDF
18) Freeman M. The Photographer's Eye Composition and Design. Elsevier, 2007. PDF
19) Frich A. Panoramic Photography. Focal Press, 2007. PDF
20) Galer M. Photography Foundations for Art and Design. Focal Press, 2004. PDF
21) Gomez's R. Posing Techniques for Glamour Photography. Amherst Media, 2009. PDF
22) Harris M. Professional Architectural Photography. Focal Press, 2001. PDF
23) Harris M. Professional Interior Photography. Focal Press, 2001. PDF
24) Jacobson R. Manual of Photography. Focal Press, 2000. PDF
25) John Hedgecoe. The Art of Digital Photogrphy. DK Publishing, 2006. PDF
26) John Hedgecoe. The Book of Photography. Dorling Kindersley, 2005. PDF
27) Johnson C. The Practical Zone. Focal Press, 2006. PDF
28) Jones F.H. Digital Photography Just the Steps for Dummies. Wiley, 2005. PDF
29) Krages B. Photography the Art of Composition. Allworth press, 2005. PDF
30) Langford M. Basic Photography. Focal Press, 2000. PDF
31) Langford M., Bilissi E. Langfords Advanced Photography 7th Edition. Focal Press, 2008. PDF
32) Manna L. Moss B. Digital Food Photography. Course Technology, 2005. CHM
33) Rogers D.N. The Chemistry of Photography. RSC, 2007. PDF
34) Salvaggio N. Basic Photographic Materials and Processes. Focal Press, 2008 PDF
35) Skinner P. Sports Photography. Allworth press, 2007. PDF
36) White R. How Digital Photography Works. Que, 2007. PDF
37) Wright T. The Photography Handbook. Routledge, 1999. PDF

1) Crawford T. Starting Your Career As A Freelance Photographer. Allworth press, 2003. PDF
2) Freer D. How to Make Money from Your Digital Images. Focal Press, 2008. PDF
3) Marketable Photography Guide 2008. ShutterPoint, 2008. PDF
4) Read S. Exhibiting Photography. Focal Press, 2008. PDF

1) Bucher C. Lighting Photo Workshop. John Wiley & Sons, 2007. PDF
2) Child J. Photographic Lighting Essential Skills. Elsevier, 2008. PDF
3) Dantzig S. Portrait Lighting For Ditigal Photographers. Amherst Media, 2010. PDF
4) Davis H. Practical Artistry Light and Exposure for Digital Photographers. O'Reilly Media, 2008. PDF
5) Peterson's B. Understanding Exposure. Amphoto Books, 2004. PDF
6) Thomas J.D. Nikon Creative Lighting System. Wiley, 2007. PDF

1) Gerlach J. Gerlach B. Digital Nature Photography. The Art and the Science. Focal Press, 2007. PDF
2) Moss K. Digital Nature Photography and Adobe Photoshop. Course Technology, 2006. PDF
3) Shaw J. Nature Photography Field Guide. Amphoto, 2000. PDF
4) Weston C. Nature Photography. Focal Press, 2008. PDF

1) Hurter B.-Best of Wedding Photography, Techniques and Images from the Pros. Amherst Media, 2005. PDF
2) Lovegrove D. The Complete Guide to Professional Wedding Photography. Focal Press, 2007. PDF
3) Schaub G. Professional techniques for the wedding photographer. Amphoto, 1985. PDF

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