Engelmann Media Photomizer Pro & Retro & Scan

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It's best to put all editions of Photomizer Pro in one place since all can be beneficial to use together.

What's included here to be exact, as follow:
- Engelmann Media Photomizer Pro
- Engelmann Media Photomizer Retro
- Engelmann Media Photomizer Scan

Photomizer 2 - more than just Photomizer 1 plus xxx - Retro Makes Photoshop a nostalgic high-flyer!

Photomizer 1 created the basis for the new Photomizer series. A basis, which in its original version still delights numerous amateur- and (semi-) professional photographers. And which provides the new Photomizer 2 with the required superiority to implement all the revised and new functions in the usual, efficient way.

Profiles for a faster and more effective editing
The new editing profiles increase the user friendliness. These are sets of defaults that can be applied to complete groups of photos and which take care of their characteristic features. Included in delivery are numerous default profiles - like those for optimization of digital camera shots, slides, negatives, webcam photos, scans and cell phone snapshots. This time-saving and efficient collection can be completed by your own profiles for individual viewing habits.

Completely revised user interface
Photomizer 2 comprises lots of internal improvements and new functions, all of them easy to reach and to operate thanks to the completely revised user interface. Like with Photomizer 1 you work with its successor as smoothly as usual, target-oriented and undisturbed by any distractions - but with a clearer arranged interface so that you can edit your photos even a bit more intuitively and a bit better. The popular 1-click optimization was kept of course but a new zoom function and full-screen preview for a better image analysis were integrated. This makes it easier to reveal weak spots in your photos and to determine the required settings.

With our Photomizer Retro Plugin you can now expand your Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements or your Adobe Photoshop-compatible program like Paintshop Pro, Corel Photo Paint and Corel Draw to include the charmingly old-fashioned nostalgia function of the Photomizer Retro; batch conversion and other editing options included.

New photos in old splendor
The Photoshop Retro Plugin simulates the shots of old cameras and black-and-white films for you and lends your brand-new, ultramodern digital photos the very special charm of past eras. Special filters modify the material in many ways, for instance by reproducing the peculiarities of various historic cameras. Surprising results are produced by those filters, which imitate the look of no longer existing film materials and by the Lo-Fi-technique, a simulation of photography with simple equipment like a pinhole camera.

Equipped with the easy handling that distinguishes all the Photomizer products, it can hardly be more fun to discover your creative vein. Most of the work can be done with just one click - and should a bit more be required you can fully rely on your intuition. A manual? Not really required but enclosed nevertheless.

Photomizer Retro Plugin Highlights
- Amazing retro effects (see here for an overview)!
- Simulation of old cameras
- Reproduction of no longer available film material
- Simulation of historic black-and-white cameras
- Adding of noise/grain
- New: 32- and 64-bit compatible!
- New: Our Plugin Configurator included - For easy and fast installation
- Seeing is believing - all the more in photography. Test our Photomizer Retro plugin without any obligation with your own photos and let yourself be surprised.

Photomizer Scan 2 - Probably the most accessible and simplest to use user interface among the well-known photo editing applications is also available for Photomizer Scan. Like with all other Photomizer- products, you are able to work smoothly, focussed on a target and free of any distractions. The visually appealing interface enables the user to work more intuitive and even more optimal, whereby it is almost a bummer that the 1-click-optimization does most of the work. Furthermore, a zoom function and a full screen-preview were implemented in order to reveal weak points in your photos and be more able to evaluate these.

Profils for effective and fast optimization
A further improvement in order to achieve perfect user-friendliness are the processing profiles. Complete sets with pre-setting, which were created especially for defined operational areas and take care of the specific needs. The delivery already includes profiles to optimize scanned negatives, scanned slides, webcam pictures and mobile phone snapshots. Complete the time-saving and high-performance collection with self-created profiles for individual viewing habits.


Engelmann Media Photomizer Pro
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Engelmann Media Photomizer Retro
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Engelmann Media Photomizer Scan
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