End of Eternity (PS3)

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End of Eternity-Caravan (2010)
PS3 | Origin: JPN/NTSC | Developer: tri-Ace | Publisher: SEGA | 7.41 GB
Genre: RPG

End of Eternity is a multi-console RPG project produced by Tri-Ace, the renown creators of Star Ocean and other titles. Resonance of Fate redefines the RPG genre with a unique storyline, highly stylized graphics, and an emphasis on realistic gunplay and engrossing action. Players will be immersed in a gritty, highly mechanized world unlike any other. With Hollywood-style action sequences, customizable weapons, and memorable characters, Resonance of Fate takes players far beyond the boundaries of the typical RPG.

* Battle in fantastic cinematic action as your characters wield firearms in a Semi-real time game play system; invincible mode - pull spectacular moves and precision attacks through this special mode designed to chain enemy attacks together
* Unique story Built around a gigantic clock tower like machine, the story will delve deep into fate and the machinery that controls it
* Beautiful environments Masterfully crafted environments pepper this title to illustrate the deep tapestry of this dystopian world
* Customize your characters and give them a unique look within the game and cut-scenes; extensive Weapon customization allows your character to have specialized weapons from parts unlocked or bought throughout the game

Game play:
Resonance of Fate uses what is known as the tri-Attack Battle system. The battle system is a mixture of real-time and turn-based controls. The game consists of battle elements such as command battles and action battles. Players start the battle by selecting one of the player's characters to control, following which the player takes direct control over the character. The player can then move the character around and attack targets, the character's move ends when the player's attack is over. Enemies are also able to move while the player's character is moving and will usually attack only the character being controlled by the player. Players can restart any enemy encounter if they are defeated during battle. Players are also able to suspend and save the game at any time.

Each character's turn is limited by action points, during which players can keep moving and switching weapons until the action points runs out. However during each turn, players are only allowed to make a single attack, after which, even if action points remains, the character's turn ends. Attacking an enemy uses a charging system where the player selects a target. The attack charges up, and the attack is carried out when the charge meter is full. Players can also choose to charge up the attack multiple times, for a more powerful attack. The time needed to charge up is also dependent on the proximity of the enemy. The closer the enemy the shorter the time needed to charge up though it renders the player more vulnerable to attack. Enemy charge meters can be observed. There are two damage types in the game. The first is "scratch" damage, which is only dealt by machine guns. Scratch damage accumulates quickly, but can't actually kill anything. Killing things requires that the scratch damage be converted to "direct damage", which can be done by pistols and grenades.

Players are able to move about the battlefield freely, though they have the choice to create predefined paths for their character to follow. While moving along the predefined path, characters gain access to Hero action, which slow down time and speed up charge times. However the use of these Hero actions requires the use of an item known as Bezel, the item is an essential element in battle and is earned through a variety of methods such as destroying an enemy’s defensive barrier, or killing an enemy. Characters can also attack while jumping in the air, they are then able to unleash a special attack which may result in certain stylish actions. Weapons in the game can also be easily customized by using items earned by defeating enemies, or obtained through side quests, these items can be further developed into an enhancement item such as a scope or additional ammunition for the weapon.

In addition to fueling the Hero actions, Bezels act as a safeguard to character defeat. Characters will not receive any direct damage as long as there is at least one full Bezel. If there are enough Bezels remaining, scratch HP causes the character to be whacked into the air, only to re-emerge with induced regeneration, while the containers for the Bezels, Bezel Shards, fly in different directions around the player. The number of Bezel Shards smashed depends on the enemy attack that whacked the character's HP to zero. If the player does not have any Bezels remaining, the characters go into critical mode. Critical mode causes the characters to become extremely scared, leaving them unable to shoot quickly and taking direct damage from every attack. Four Bezel Shards must be recollected by the characters in order to regain Bezels, and enemies can even pick up Bezel Shards to regenerate health and shields. Game Over occurs if any character is killed in Critical Mode (or if all playable characters are now frozen).

Tested: WORKING FROM INTERNAL (Copy to ps3 using ps3 ftpd)
Homepage - http://eoe.sega.jp/

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