Empire Total War Gold Edition MACOSX-MONEY

MACOSX, Mac OS X Games. September 13, 2012 by Anonymous.
Empire Total War Gold Edition MACOSX-MONEY

Empire: Total War - Gold Edition contains all game updates, improvements and downloadable content, including The Warpath Campaign and four unit packs: the Special Forces Units and the Elite Units of the East, West and America.

Rule one of 12 nations from Europe, America and the Indian subcontinent, and govern your fledgling empire across a massive campaign map. Set the strategy, dictate the tactics and command your troops during battles involving thousands of soldiers.


Unpack , copy to applications , run game

Scene rars 11.10 GB
Unpack .app size: 18.5 GB

Download File


Extabit Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6

Exoshare Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6

Update: Empire_Total_War_Gold_Edition_CRACKFIX_MACOSX-MONEY
Extabit | Cyberlocker.ch
This fix patches a trigger that caused the game to crash after 5 minutes on the title screen

1. Unpack
2. Copy contents of crack folder to
<WhereYouInstalledGame>/Empire Total War.app/Contents/MacOS
3. Play Game

Here you can download files online. Unlimited access to all sources file with one click direct download link!
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  • [13-09-2012]
  • Bod
  • [22 January 2013 02:07]
Which one is the crack file? I couldn't find it.
  • Too
  • [17 November 2012 09:43]
when i try to do what herman hessian sais it apear permission denied
  • JackBlack
  • [29 October 2012 01:39]
Thank you Anonymous,
my problem is after I unrar all the parts, I get single folder with bunch of different files. What should I do with them in order to install the game??? Thanks a lot for your help.
use unrarX

and try to figure it out comment #10

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  • JackBlack
  • [29 October 2012 00:39]
Hey guys, I have a question, how do I install the game, I've downloaded all the links. After extracting all the parts I got bunch of files. I'm new to mac world. How do I install the game?
  • Moi
  • [15 October 2012 04:54]
fucking 10.6.8 ... grrrr

  • Phillip
  • [13 October 2012 10:15]
Hey, Finally I got to convert the crack file into an executable file.

This is what I did:
1.- download this app (super get info) This os the link: http://www.barebones.com/products/super/index.html

2.- Install it an open it (click DEMO)

3.- Drag the crack file into the supergetinfo.app Window

4.- Click permission and then check all squares

5.- Click save and now you have the crack file as an executable file.

I hope it be useful for you.
  • Phillip
  • [13 October 2012 00:13]
I´ve done what Herman Hessian explains but the crack file stills have no any extension. Is this normal? Do I just have to replace the old file with this one?

try from 'different' filehost, thats maybe the problem
  • Moi
  • [11 October 2012 22:03]
Yes, i have the 6 parts and i have re try downloaded and i have the same problem
make sure u have all files

all should be fine

@moi just try re download error parts again :)

The internet is a platform for freedom, a place where anyone and everyone can come together, discuss topics, and share information, without the fear of government interference.

  • Moi
  • [11 October 2012 19:35]
i can't extract all files.
I have 2 errors ...
  • kasmol
  • [10 October 2012 13:57]
It works! Thank you, herman!
Glad you short it out, thanks

The internet is a platform for freedom, a place where anyone and everyone can come together, discuss topics, and share information, without the fear of government interference.

  • Herman Hessian
  • [9 October 2012 02:00]
guys - i've sorted this

you have to extract the file in the crack, and change it in to a unix executable file, then replace the corresponding old file in the application as instructed

to do this, open a console window

type chmod +x

drag the file from the crack on to the console window, this will create a file path which should appear immediately after the chmod +x comment

hit return to execute the command

this will turn the cracked file in to an executable, changing it from its original "document" status

replace the original file in the app as instructed with this new executable, and click the icon to play

i've just completed a twenty minute test battle doing this, with no problem whatsoever

let me know how you get on :-)
  • kasmol
  • [6 October 2012 04:53]
same problem here
  • ega
  • [6 October 2012 03:39]
could someone fix this? :/
  • John
  • [2 October 2012 23:09]
anyway to get this to work?
  • Max
  • [1 October 2012 22:45]
I have the same problem on my imac i7 8 GB RAM
512MB Video
  • Luc
  • [29 September 2012 03:11]
Also, the fix appear to be a simple document while the original file is an executable (it lunchs the game when you open it). That could explain why the game wont lunch when you replace it...
  • Jason
  • [29 September 2012 03:04]


  • Luc
  • [29 September 2012 02:59]
Thanks Jason for your prompt answer. My imac fits the requirements (3,6ghz, 4gb, 512 graphic card). When I lunch a battle, the game runs very smoothly even in max settings but crashes inexorably after approx. 1 minute of battle. Since the fix in not working, could the problem come from the app itself?
  • Jason
  • [29 September 2012 02:22]


  • Luc
  • [29 September 2012 02:11]
Hello and thanks for the upload! I've got a problem with the fix: the game won't load and the icon keep bouncing in the dock forever. However when I don't use it the game crash within 2 minutes...
Please fix... the fix :)