Navigate Intermediate B1+ Course Book, Workbook, Audio & Class CDs, Video

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Comes as a complete pack which contains Navigate Intermediate B1+ WB, Course Book, Audio, Class CDs and Videos.

Navigate is a brand new, six-level General English course tailored exclusively to adults. The course takes an innovative approach to reading and listening based on academic research as to how adults best learn languages.

BBC DVD English - World's Most Popular English Course (All Levels)

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BBC DVD English - The complete English-teaching video course starting from Beginner to Advanced levels.

BBC DVD ENGLISH is the new updated version of "Follow Me", the world's most famous English course, sold in more than 80 countries. Entertaining everyday situations played by English actors using progressive language based on the specifications of the Council of Europe's experts.

Cambridge Interchange Fourth Edition - Complete Series (All Levels)

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- Cambridge Interchange Fourth Edition - Complete Series (6.14 GB in total).
- Included Content: Student's Books, Workbooks, Teacher's Books, Audio CDs, Self-Study DVDs.
- Complete Levels: Interchange Fourth Edition Intro, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3.

Interchange Fourth Edition is an updated version of the world's most successful English series for adult and young adult learners. Its well-known communicative and functional methodology has been tried and tested by millions of students around the world.

New Cutting Edge - Complete Series (All Levels Books + Audio)

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Such a nice collection that contain New Cutting Edge All Level Books (SB, WB, TB) along with Audio CDs.

New Cutting Edge combines a comprehensive syllabus with reliable teaching resources that makes this course so popular worldwide. Each level has free worksheets you can use in class or for homework. There are CEF correlations too so you see the Can Do statements for each level and unit.

Top Notch & Summit 1st, 2nd Edition Complete Series (Books, Audio, CD-ROM)

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From Pearson Elt. Top Notch & Summit 1st / 2nd Edition Complete Series including all books, audio and CD-ROMs.

Top Notch is the Leader in Global Communication! Over 3 million young adults and adults worldwide have learned English using the Top Notch program, developing confident, culturally fluent English speakers. Choose the award-winning Top Notch for your students.

Traveller Student's Book & Workbook Collection (All Levels)

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Traveller does deliver a nice collection of English learning books for Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced levels.

"Traveller" is an exciting new seven-level course for teenage and young adult learners, that takes them from Beginner to Advanced level. It follows the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference, the modular approach and is organised into 8 topic-based modules.

Cambridge Face2Face English Course - Complete Collection (1st & 2nd Editions)

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Here's the complete pack that will be covering all sets included in Face2Face English Course 1st and 2nd editions.

Based on the communicative approach, face2face prepares learners for life in English. Vocabulary and grammar are of equal importance and there is a strong focus on listening and speaking for social situations. Students are given numerous opportunities to practise new language through a variety of communicative activities.

Cambridge English Vocabulary in Use - Complete Series

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Here's quite a decent collection that contains Cambridge English Vocabulary in Use - Complete Series. I've used some of these books and CD-ROM sources in the past, they're highly useful for sure.

English Grammar in Use is an updated version of the world's best-selling, self-study grammar book for learners of English, written by Raymond Murphy. It is now also available online. In addition, supplementary Test and Activity apps are available from the App Store and Google Play.

Cambridge - English Pronunciation in Use (All Levels & Audio)

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Cambridge's English Pronunciation in Use in a total of 3 levels with audio content included.

The best-selling English Pronunciation in Use is a comprehensive reference and practice book suitable for self-study or classroom work. Sixty easy-to-use units cover all aspects of pronunciation, including individual sounds, word stress, connected speech and intonation. Each unit is supported by audio material in range of accents, available on audio CD or cassette.

Oxford's English for Life - Complete Series (Books, Audio, MultiROM)

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Complete series for Oxford's English for Life. Primarily covers "General English four-skills course for adults".

Four-level English course with a simple approach that helps adults learn quickly - one page, one lesson, one focus. An easy-to-use course for adults who either want to learn English quickly for a specific purpose - such as travel - or who just prefer a much more straightforward approach to learning.