DxO Optics Pro Elite Edition

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The new release of DxO Optics Pro 9 Elite Edition with many new features. Push the limits of your camera!

Enhance your photos with DxO Optics Pro, the software of reference for all demanding photographers. Based on an exclusive approach of prior equipment calibration, DxO Optics Pro includes powerful tools for processing RAW and JPEG images. Efficiently reduce noise, optimize exposure and contrast, magnify colors, and boost details: DxO Optics Pro lets you bring out the best in your photos in just a few clicks, regardless of the shooting conditions.

The ultimate in image quality
Thanks to PRIME’s exclusive noise reduction technology, which analyzes in depth the structure of the images, DxO Optics Pro automatically enhances the quality of your photos, with spectacular results: noise is eliminated, textures are restored, details and color saturation are preserved in shadows — even at very high ISO values!

New Features in DxO Optics Pro 9:

Push the limits of shooting at very high sensitivity
A DxO Labs exclusive, PRIME technology has been designed to push the limits of image quality even further. Its denoising algorithms analyze the structure of RAW images in depth: more than a thousand neighboring pixels are surveyed for each pixel. This extensive exploration identifies similar data to use to reconstruct image information.

Several minutes are sometimes needed to run PRIME, but as this extraordinary denoising takes place in the background without any intervention on your part, you can work on other images while you wait for your perfectly denoised photo. Details and color saturation are preserved, especially in shadows, and textures are restored — resulting in an outstanding image that is more pleasing to the eye.

Want your photos processed immediately? DxO Optics Pro’s classic High Quality denoising algorithm has also been upgraded and provides you with very detailed images even at the highest sensitivities, in just a few seconds.

Even better recovery of highlights
DxO Smart Lighting has been improved once again and now offers even more efficient highlight recovery. The processing of shadows and highlights is truly breathtaking. This improvement is visible both when the default preset is applied and when you are using advanced recovery tools.

With the Exposure compensation tool, the details you thought were lost are revealed and colorimetric errors are minimized — even if the information was missing in the original RAW data!

Preserve skin tones and natural colors
DxO Optics Pro 9 doesn’t just simulate your camera’s color rendering, but also provides its own interpretation of the images, regardless of the camera used.

Bring out the details in both light and dark areas thanks to a new rendering designed for portraits: obtain more precise skin tones and preserve more saturated natural colors.

Know what you’re choosing
Discover DxO Optics Pro’s new catalog of visual presets. DxO has painstakingly developed 30 new renderings that have been designed to respond to several different use cases: Portrait, Landscape, Black & White, and Single-shot HDR. Express your creativity with the new Atmospheres presets: desaturation, colored filters… Give a unique look to your images!

A new floating palette gives you faster access to available presets: preview the results as thumbnails and then apply the one you want to your image in just one click.

Even more comfortable and productive
Gain comfort and productivity with the new simplified and unique workspace. The use of vertical space has been optimized to give even more space to the image you’re working on. All actions can be performed in the principal window: opening images, applying corrections, and exporting the results.

The palettes have been reorganized even more logically, with easy access to the most important corrections so you can get started immediately. DxO Optics Pro’s other advanced tools are near at hand to provide the detailed settings required by the most demanding photographers.

Save time with an intuitive and flexible workflow
Thanks to DxO Optics Pro’s new export feature, you can go directly from customizing your image to publishing it or to further processing it in another application. Process your images in a few clicks: the simplified workflow lets you monitor your processing progress as you export your photos to your hard drive.

Export your images to other applications: the new Export to application feature improves the workflow not just with other DxO software (e.g., DxO ViewPoint, DxO FilmPack), but also with other external software that handles panoramic photos, photo retouching, HDR, and even cataloguing.

Process your RAW and JPEG images on the fly and post them in your Flickr gallery, all in just a single click.

Essential tools at your fingertips in just one click
The DxO Optics Pro workspace displays by default all of the most important palettes, such as white balance, exposure compensation, DxO Smart Lighting, contrast, and noise reduction. Advanced settings are easily accessible for the most exacting photographers.


Install Notes:
- Install the program in the default directory
- Apply the activator :)
- Enjoy your newly full registered app !

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