Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods 2013 BluRay 1080p AC3 x264-CHD

Asia, Japanese. September 16, 2013 by Anonymous.

A Must match movie for all Dragon Ball lovers !!!!!


Release 09/16/2013
Source: 1080p Blu-ray AVC LPCM 5.1-DON
x264 @ 9568 Kbps 23.976 fps 1920 X 1080
Japanese DD 5.1CH @ 448 Kbps(from LPCM) 01:25:07.102 (h:m:s.ms)
Encoder: hdv

Director: Masahiro Hosoda
Written By: Akira Toriyama, Akira Toriyama, Yûsuke Watanabe
Produced By: Akira Toriyama
Music: Norihito Sumitomo

Plot Outline:
The events of Battle of Gods take place some years after the battle with Majin Buu, which determined the fate of the entire universe. Wiss, the God of Creation, along with Bills, the God of Destruction, are tasked with maintaining some sort of balance in the universe. After awakening from a long slumber, Bills is visited by Wiss and he learns that the galactic overlord Frieza has been defeated by a Super Saiyan from the North Quadrant of the universe named Goku, who is also a former student of the North Kai. Ecstatic over the new challenge, Goku ignores King Kai's advice and battles Bills, but he is easily overwhelmed and defeated. Bills leaves, but his eerie remark of "Is there nobody on Earth more worthy to destroy?" lingers on. Now it is up to the heroes to stop the God of Destruction before all is lost. Written by ForLand Hucy

Masako Nozawa as Son Goku / Son Gohan / Son Goten / Gotenks (voice: Japanese version)
Shigeru Chiba as Pilaf (voice: Japanese version)
Hiroko Emori as Chaozu (voice: Japanese version)
Toshio Furukawa as Piccolo (voice: Japanese version)
Tôru Furuya as Yamcha (voice: Japanese version)
Tesshô Genda as Shu (voice: Japanese version)
Aya Hirano as Dende (voice: Japanese version)
Ryô Horikawa as Vegeta (voice: Japanese version)
Unshô Ishizuka as Mr. Satan (voice: Japanese version)
Miki Itô as Android 18 (voice: Japanese version)

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