DiskBoss v1.4.20 Portable

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DiskBoss v1.4.20 Portable | 12.2 Mb

The DiskBoss is an advanced management of records and files, able to provide analysis, detecting and removing duplicate items, organize the content according to rules stipulated by the user, remove unnecessary files, and more.

When finished configuring the software, DiskBoss displays the list of available disk drives on your machine. To begin working with one of them, simply select the desired drive and click on it twice in order to view its contents.

You can access the main functions of the software by clicking the right button on the desired item or if you prefer by clicking on the buttons available on the toolbar DiskBoss.

To analyze a disk drive and find out which are the directories that occupy more space, for example, just select the drive to be checked and then click the "Analyze".

Thus, you can sort the files listed in the analysis according to the type of extension, modification date and size. The user can also view the contents of the disc with a chart "pizza."

The DiskBoss recognizes over 2500 types of files and allows you to browse them or export them under the category they fit. This also facilitates the management of operations to be performed in a specific file type. To access this feature, click the "Classify".

Have you ever searched for redundant data from your hard drive? It may seem odd, but often end up keeping more than one copy of the same file. These copies may have been made by software, and we are not always aware of it. But through the button "Duplicates," the DiskBoss can scan your hard drive and list files repeated for you to decide what to do with them.

Another very interesting feature of the DiskBoss is the ability to monitor a disk drive in real time. Thus, the user has access to the registration of all write operations performed in HD, such as creating, modifying or removing files, change permissions etc..

What about keeping a constantly updated copy of a disk drive or a specific directory? Clicking "Sync", the user can easily create a backup of files and whole disks selecting the point of origin and destination of the backup.

In addition to the features described above, also allows the migration DiskBoss foolproof, great for those who need to move or copy a huge amount of files.

Remove files is also safer and faster with this software: user can even choose from different types of algorithms to prevent deleted data can be recovered.

But what will system administrators with the same twinkle in his eyes is the fact that the system is multitasking, meaning you can perform various maintenance routines in parallel. Even a task manager is available for cases in which a process must simply be paused or stopped.

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