Discovery Channel - Mighty Ships: USS Kentucky 720p HDTV x264-ViLD

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Discovery Channel - Mighty Ships: USS Kentucky
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USS Kentucky is part of the deadliest class of submarines in the US Navy fleet. Virtually undetectable, this silent giant can launch a devastating surprise nuclear attack on any country in the world. She can operate at unimaginable depths and pressures, or up close to a coastline without anyone knowing she's there. Ohio Class submarines serve the US Navy as indefensible undersea launch platforms for intercontinental nuclear missiles. Designed for stealth and precision delivery of nuclear warheads, their value as a key strategic deterrent is the purpose every mission. Run silent, run deep and stand by, if needed, to keep the peace. Every 12 weeks, USS Kentucky departs its base in Bangor Washington for an extended deterrent patrol. After clearing port she slips beneath the sea and disappears for 70 days, never surfacing. Where she goes is classified. A civilian TV crew has NEVER embarked on an active patrol with an Ohio class sub. Mighty Ships is the first... ever. Join us as we experience the unique life of a submariner onboard USS Kentucky to understand what it takes to operate the most dangerous weapon in the world.
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