Digital-Tutors : Python Scripting in Maya

Tutorial & e-learning. May 4, 2010 by bomb.
Digital-Tutors : Python Scripting in Maya
Digital-Tutors : Python Scripting in Maya | 382 MB
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Easily learn Python and begin utilizing the powerful capabilities with creative projects, practical examples, and a fun and easy approach to learning object-oriented programming. Ideal for artists interested in tool development, creating rapid applications, and adding efficiency to workflows. Contains over 3 hours of intuitive project-based training.

Popular highlights include:

•Basics of Python Coding
•Plug-in Development
•Rewriting MEL as Python
•Variables and Types
•Print and Concatenation
•Loops and Lists
•Working with Selections
•Scripting for Automation
•Creating a Procedural Gear Generator
•Building Custom UIs with Python
•Creating Motion Trail and Lags
•Timeline Based Scripting
•Python in Maya Expressions
•Creating a Tkinter GUI
•Working with Mayapy Shell
•Working with Python Editors

Course Outline

01. Introduction and project overview
02. My first Python script
03. Running Python in Maya commands
04. Converting Echoed MEL to Python (part 1)
05. Converting Echoed MEL to Python (part 2)
06. Converting Echoed MEL to Python (part 3)
07. Storing information with variables
08. Types and concatenation
09. Creating selection lists
10. Going through lists
11. Having fun with loops
12. Gear generation (part 1) - figuring the formula
13. Gear generation (part 2) - selecting every other face
14. Gear generation (part 3) - scripting polygon operations
15. Gear generation (part 4) - creating individual gears
16. Gear generation (part 5) - getting user values
17. Coding a disperser
18. Building a disperser window
19. Creating input fields
20. Examining While loops
21. Exploring timeline based scripts
22. Scripting keyframes
23. Python expressions
24. Sending MEL values to Python
25. Completing a Motion Trail
26. UserSetup file
27. Running and Working with Mayapy
28. Using external Python editors
29. Coding a Python GUI with Tkinter
30. Integrating Maya commands
31. Plugin programming with Python (part 1)
32. Plugin programming with Python (part 2)
33. Plugin programming with Python (part 3)
34. Conclusion

Digital-Tutors : Python Scripting in Maya

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