Digital Tutors - Exaggerated Facial Modeling in Maya and ZBrush

Tutorial & e-learning. February 22, 2010 by nk2join.
Digital Tutors - Exaggerated Facial Modeling in Maya and ZBrush
Digital Tutors - Exaggerated Facial Modeling in Maya and ZBrush | 1.9 GB
English | Run Time: 4 hrs. 55 min., 3 CD | MOV Rs & HF Links

Learn organic modeling techniques and a production workflow to creating clean topology, adding definition, exaggerating proportions, and strategically adding detail to create animatable geometry using Maya and ZBrush. Contains nearly 5 hours of project-based training for artists learning character creation and look development for use in Film and Games.

Popular highlights include:

* Modeling Exaggerated Features
* Using Reference Art
* Building Deformable Topology
* Building Initial Edge-flow
* Extruding Geometry Along Curves
* Bridging Geometry
* Modeling Eyes
* Modeling Symmetrically
* Building Large Wrinkles
* Modeling Ears
* Adding Mouth Interior
* Connecting Edges with Split Polygon Tool
* Importing/Exporting Geometry
* Assembling Subtools in ZBrush
* Filling Portions of Subtools with Color
* Modifying Head with Move Brush
* Sub-dividing Geometry
* Sculpting Facial Features
* Adding Small Wrinkles
* Adding Irregularities
* Adding Detail with Alpha Maps and Strokes
* Creating a UV Layout
* Integrating UV Changes into ZBrush Sculpt
* Creating Normal Maps in ZBrush
* Applying and Viewing Normal Maps in Maya

Lesson Outline:

1.Blocking in the top of the head 8:10
2. Modeling the bridge of the nose 7:38
3.Drawing out the nasolabial fold 12:36
4.Building the brow ridge and cheek bone 6:02
5.Extruding out the jaw line 6:16
6.Building the back of the neck 7:49
7.Connecting the neck and adding musculature 11:52
8.Completing the neck and shoulders 13:05
9. Creating the nose 11:10
10. Modeling the mouth 10:59
11.Building the eyeball 6:35
12. Modeling the eye area 7:45
13. Filling in the cheek geometry 9:30
14. Starting construction of the ear 7:34
15. Building the structure of the ear 11:09
16. Finishing the ear 6:18
17. Adding large wrinkles 7:43
18. Building the gums 7:35
19.Adding the teeth and tongue 12:54
20. Transferring the geometry from Maya to ZBrush8:04
21.Making large-scale changes to the shape of the head 7:55
22. Sculpting prominent facial features 16:49
23.Sculpting smaller wrinkles and folds 9:58
24. Sculpting time-lapse 10:08
25.Adding rough eyebrows and loose skin under the neck 7:08
26. Using alpha maps to add wrinkles 8:00
27. Adding fine detail to the face 11:36
28. Creating a UV layout for the head in Maya 12:07
29. Exporting normal maps from ZBrush 7:03
30. Applying normal maps in Maya 4:58
31. Bonus: Removing age by modifying the sculpt 9:36
32. Bonus: Removing wrinkles and smoothing the eye area 8:34

Digital Tutors - Exaggerated Facial Modeling in Maya and ZBrush







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