Digital Tutors - Character Creation in ZBrush

Tutorial & e-learning. May 24, 2010 by bomb.
Digital Tutors - Character Creation in ZBrush
Digital Tutors - Character Creation in ZBrush | 1.28 GB
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Create characters fast. Learn a practical workflow to character creation in ZBrush and a time-saving approach to rapidly shaping detailed concepts from simple ideas. Contains 4 hours of project-based training and gives artists the freedom to work creatively and with more flexibility. Project files are included.

Popular highlights include:

Creating ZSphere Base Meshes
Adding ZSpheres Symmetrically
Making Adaptive Skins
Creating Custom Alphas
Stylized Sculpting
Character Proportions
Look and Appeal
Creating Hard-surface Models with Topology Tools
Modifying Subtools with Subtool Master
Prototyping Clothing and Accessories
Creating Clothing with the Topology Tools
Extracting Clothing from Existing Geometry
Using Subtool Master with Materials
Transforming ZSpheres
Sculpting Detail into Meshes
Sculpting Fine Detail with Alphas and Strokes
Selecting Geometry using Polygroups
Deleting Geometry
Creating Fitted Accessories with Topology Tools
Extracting Geometry from Existing Meshes
Appending Subtools
Subtool Master to Manipulate Subtools
Using Masks Creatively with Primitives
Converting Primitives to Polygon Meshes

Lesson Outline (32 lessons)

1. Introduction and Project Overview
2. Blocking in the body with ZSpheres
3. Building the hand with ZSpheres
4. Creating the adaptive skin
5. Using the Move brush to shape the body
6. Refining the shape of the hands
7. Refining the shape of the feet
8. Shaping the character's head
9. Blocking in large muscle shapes
10. Creating hard edges with custom alphas
11. Adding stylized lines to the form of the body
12. Stylizing the face and head
13. Detailing the hands and arms
14. Detailing the feet and legs
15. Building the cape using the Topology tools
16. Finishing the base cape geometry
17. Sculpting the character's cape
18. Using Extract to create costume elements
19. Using Topology to create the mask
20. Creating the canisters with ZBrush primitives
21. Extracting a strap for the power canisters
22. Building a base for the gun
23. Detailing the gun
24. Adding the canister slot and tubes to the gun
25. Finishing and merging the gun
26. Adding straps and placing the gun
27. Extracting the character's eyes
28. Adding the cape snaps
29. Creating the belt emblem with the Topology tools
30. Finishing the belt emblem
31. Adding materials to the character
32. Creating costume variations - The Anti-hero

Digital Tutors - Character Creation in ZBrush

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