Digital Tutors - Character and Scene Development in ZBrush

Tutorial & e-learning. May 24, 2010 by bomb.
Digital Tutors - Character and Scene Development in ZBrush
Digital Tutors - Character and Scene Development in ZBrush | 1.24 GB
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Create polished characters and more appealing scenes. Work creatively using a step-by-step approach to character and scene development in ZBrush and a time-saving workflow to character interaction, sculpting, texturing, composition, lighting, and rendering. Contains nearly 6 hours of self-paced training for artists using ZBrush and Maya. Project files are included.

Popular highlights include:

Composition and Layout
Working from Sketch
Creating ZSphere Base
Adaptive Skins
Character Posing
Re-working Topology
Quick Shaping the Model
Character Interaction
Adding Multiple Pieces with ZSpheres
Appending Subtools
Adding Temporary Materials
Custom Alphas and Textures
Exaggerating Features for Appeal
Creating UVs in ZBrush
Converting Polypaints to Texture Maps
Exporting Displacement Maps
Exporting Normal Maps
Exporting Geometry from ZBrush
Importing Geometry into Maya
3-point Lighting Setup
Camera Placement
Subsurface Scattering Effects
Approximations for High-quality Displacement
Using Final Gather with Subsurface Scattering
Adjusting Render Stats of Objects
Rendering Scenes in Multiple Passes
Outputting Color, Occlusion, and Depth Passes
Compositing Multiple Passes with Photoshop
Depth-of-field Effects to Final Render

Lesson Outline (43 lessons)

1. Introduction and Project Overview
2. Building the ZSphere skeleton
3. Finishing the ZSphere skeleton
4. Positioning the adaptive skin
5. Creating the basic shapes
6. Redrawing the mouth topology
7. Adding the eyes
8. Sculpting the body
9. Shaping the tentacles
10. Sculpting the mouth area
11. Sculpting the inside of the mouth
12. Adding the tongue with ZSpheres
13. Shaping and sculpting the tongue
14. Building the fish with ZSpheres
15. Detailing the fish
16. Adding the teeth
17. Adding the saliva and hair
18. Previewing with materials
19. Polypainting the squid's body
20. Using custom alphas to detail the tentacles
21. Painting the eyes
22. Painting the tongue
23. Painting the fish
24. Detailing and painting the ground
25. Preparing assets for export and creating UVs
26. Exporting textures from ZBrush
27. Exporting geometry from ZBrush
28. Exporting normal and displacement maps
29. Importing ZBrush geometry into Maya
30. Adding lights to the Maya scene
31. Adding materials to the characters' eyes and teeth
32. Creating subsurface materials for the character's body
33. Connecting color maps to SSS materials
34. Creating a SSS back scattering map in ZBrush
35. Building SSS shader for the character's tongue
36. Adjusting render stats of geometry for proper reflections and refractions
37. Creating pools of water under the squid character
38. Independently controlling final gather and reflection results
39. Utilizing approximations for high quality displacement effects
40. Finalizing light setup
41. Setting up render layers in Maya
42. Compositing color and occlusion passes in Photoshop
43. Adding depth-of-field effects and image retouching in Photoshop

Digital Tutors - Character and Scene Development in ZBrush

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