Delivery Truck Simulator-FASiSO-BACKLASH

Games, PC Games. February 18, 2012 by Anonymous.

As your business expands, so will your fleet with the option to purchase from a selection of even larger vehicles, culminating in your own small truck, each realised in full 3D complete with a fully drivable cab view.

Release name:
Delivery Truck Simulator-FASiSO

Delivery Truck Simulator Covers-FASDOX

Delivery Truck Simulator-BACKLASH

Genre: Truck Simulator
Developer: Astragon/Contendo Media

Turn the starter key on your own delivery business with Delivery Truck Simulator. Carry your cargo of parcels and packages across the city as you strive to become king of the couriers.

ISO Installation Notes
1. UnRAR
2. Burn the ISO with your favorite software
3. Install game

Rip Installation Notes
1) Unpack (use unpack.bat)
2) Start Setup
3) Play!

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  • orangutan
  • [21 February 2012 17:34]
  • orangutan
  • [21 February 2012 17:32]
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  • [21 February 2012 17:19]
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  • orangutan
  • [21 February 2012 17:15]
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  • orangutan
  • [21 February 2012 17:10]
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  • Jason
  • [18 February 2012 19:36]
calm down people :D its only £24.99 !

excalibur-publishing is developer specialist trucks simulation, they got some customer for dummies

too bad this one cannot run on my Amiga


  • Stop this
  • [18 February 2012 19:34]

You've failed to understand what I was saying because your grasp of the English language is limited to that of a Taco Stand Operator. Pretty sure everyone on this site understands why piracy exists. I was talking about how low the demand is for this niche market of delivery truck driving simulators... Moron.
  • orangutan
  • [18 February 2012 16:57]
people buy if they can afford the price, which ranging from 1 to 5 dullah, otherwise they opt for alternatives, inequality breeds piracy, moron...
Stop this,
better than flying Simulator :D

oh boy i wannabe a PILOT !

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  • Stop this
  • [18 February 2012 04:47]
Oh my dreams of staying at home only to simulate the joys of delivery truck driving. If this wasn't pirated do people actually buy this game or does the author keep making these crap simulators on his own free time?