Daniel Ward-Murphy - Until The Morning Light-2009

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Daniel Ward-Murphy - Until The Morning Light-2009
Daniel Ward-Murphy - Until The Morning Light-2009-DV8 | 50.38 MB

Artist: Daniel Ward-Murphy
Title: Until The Morning Light
Label: Sellaband
Genre: Folk/Rock
Bitrate: 151kbit av.
Time: 00:46:19
Size: 52.81 mb
Rip Date: 2009-02-11
Str Date: 2009-02-16

1. She's A Knockout 3:33
2. My Beautiful Predicament 4:36
3. I Think I Made You Smile 3:32
4. The Queen Of Something New 4:50
5. The Sun Is In Your Eyes (Featuring Jennifer 3:52
6. You Live Up In The Stars 4:28
7. Flame 3:08
8. The Geius Of Myra 5:57
9. In This Fair City (Featuring Jennifer Delaney) 4:18
10. Under The Wife 3:34
11. Ace Of Defiance 4:31

Release Notes:

Remember what made Damien Rice's debut album, O, such a
delight? One man, his aching voice climbing out of the
never-reaches of his soul, an acoustic guitar and some
occasionally accompanying string and woodwind instruments all
playing through some lovely songs. And then there was his
mysterious, seemingly nameless female accomplice, whose
beautiful voice provided harmonies and the odd lead vocal
moment of her own. Daniel Ward-Murphy's debut effortlessly
combines all of these same elements and has a warming effect
perfect for this chilly time of year.

What with every 'What's Hot 2009' list touting electronic pop
artists as the ones to watch this year, Ward-Murphy could be
considered a pleasant novelty indeed in his singer-songwriter
mould. What makes him even more of a rarity is that he is a
success-story of the Sell-A-Band internet phenomenon, a
website allowing any unsigned artist to upload tracks in the
hope that complete strangers from across the world will listen
and like them enough to pledge real money in their direction.
Once an artist has sold enough 'shares', usually $50,000
worth, the website owners supply them with a producer and a
record is made. A far-fetched scheme it would seem, but one
that evidently works for those that are talented enough and
who know how to market themselves.

Ward-Murphy is an excellent vocalist able to strike a balance
between warm delicacy and surging power. This is especially
apparent on You Live Up In The Stars, the album's strongest
song. The first minute or so contains a prelude to the
upcoming song, with his female sidekick, Jennifer Delaney,
taking lead vocal responsibility for the time being,
accompanied by melancholic strings. Eventually, Ward-Murphy
returns with a tricky, punchy melody that is impeccably
delivered, underpinned by crisp drumming and solo cello.

Hang on a minute - melancholic strings? Preludes? Warm
delicacy? Surely this is just another soppy acoustic album
that you would only buy as a last-minute gift for Mother's
Day? Not so. I certainly would not want to present my mother
with an album that contains the lyric 'tie you up and let me
treat you mean', as Ward-Murphy shows us his adventurous side
on second track My Beautiful Predicament.

I have only one criticism of this debut album - it is a shade
too long, clocking in at 46 minutes, despite containing the
standard-issue eleven tracks. One of those tracks, The Genius
Of Myra, lasts a full six minutes - too stretched for this
slow, tender lament, however beautifully it is performed.
However, it probably demonstrates the strength of the
musicianship on display if I am reduced to pedantic remarks
about Ward-Murphy's timekeeping abilities - this truly is a
very enjoyable record.

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