Dan Kennedy & Bill Glazer : The Advanced And Comprehensive Copywriting Boot Camp

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Dan Kennedy & Bill Glazer : The Advanced And Comprehensive Copywriting Boot Camp

Dan Kennedy & Bill Glazer : The Advanced And Comprehensive Copywriting Boot Camp
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Behind The Curtain…
…..Three Consecutive Nights With Bill And Dan ALL UNEDITED…
Samples, samples, samples and more samples. You'll see samples of super-powerful, profitable sales messages for every kind of info-product or program, dissected, analyzed, templated….. new, cutting edge samples…..samples from GKIC, my other businesses, Bill's Info-Mastermind Members, my Platinum Members, my clients….samples you may never see elsewhere, samples you may see but not understand what's behind them. You'll leave with a new resource, a gigantic treasure-trove of fresh ideas, themes and examples….take-home tools…..but also a new, deeper, more insightful appreciation of the psychology and internal, hidden strategy behind copy that sells info-products, events and programs.

Complete Campaigns…..every step, using every media….shown in chronological evolution. How we get from start to millions flowing in.

Collaboration….never-before-seen insider inspection of how Bill and I collaborate on campaigns…..and how I work with my best clients to get top results.

Speed Secrets….how we get it all thought up, created, crafted and out the door on time.

And so much more.
Here are someof the key subjects of discussion... in no particular order...

* Ten Words Never to Say In Info-Marketing Copy
* The Greatest Info-Sales Letters & Ads Ever Written: Classic Examples from our Archives
* The Secret – no, not that one…. The Secret of ‘Power Phrases' – imbedded commands, interest igniters
* Positioning: Should your product/program be……about “greener pastures”?…..a boost to their present business?….about income? Wealth? Lifestyle? Less stress? Speed? Secrets?
* Value Building: How to make any info-product, event, coaching program, etc. be accepted as infinitely more valuable than it might first appear….. the copy strategies that skyrocket price and profit.
* Elephants in the Room: Copy strategies to counter actual, analytical and emotional reasons not to buy
* Process: Exactly how Dan works, how Bill works, to start a copywriting project (the project well begun is half done!) ...all the way through, step by step, to completion – with actual examples
* “Special Sales” – how to periodically enjoy a Huge Payday from a special promotion to your lists – including Bill's complete campaigns dissected
* Profiling: What you need to know about your audience before attempting to write copy
* Speed: Using models, formulas and templates without your copy feeling ‘off the shelf'
* In Search of the ‘Big Idea'…. and fully developing a theme….so your copy is an ‘experience'
* Five Critical Questions – a checklist to control your copy
* Specific Copy Tactics for…. subscription/membership….books, CD's, DVD's, ‘hard' products….online deliverables…. events….coaching programs…..non-business info products (health, fitness, beauty, parenting, travel, hobbies, etc.)
* Dan's Favorite Strategies vital to info-marketing…..The Barnum…..The Upgrade….The ‘Not'….Challenge To Manhood….The Wall Street Journal… The Blackie Story….. and 21 More.
* Bill's Super-Sophisticated Master-Plan for driving people to Tele-Seminars AND THE ACTUAL COPY USED….dissected and analyzed re. ideas and themes, urgency and takeaway, making ‘free' valuable, creating a “gold rush.”
* Values Targeting: this is advanced – how to switch from pitching products to appealing to aspirations
* Fear: Why, when and how to use fright as a copy tool
* Dan's List of Epic Mistakes Made In Writing Copy to sell information
* Boot Camp/Seminar Sales Copy…..Bill and Dan are more successful at this – for GKIC and for clients – than anyone: take an in-depth look at why! (New examples and insider explanations)
* Web Sites & E-Mail: What even most “internet marketing gurus” don't know
* Story-Telling to Sell…..what stories are essential for nearly every info-product or program pitch
* Offer Copy - how to create and craft compelling offers.... making the best descisions in each situation about top down or bottom up, single or multiple choice, bundling or cafeteria, bonuses, upsells.... tweaking the offer for the different list segments... tweaking the offer throughout a sequence over weeks or months.
* The Pegs You Hang Your Hat On – copy structure; identifying and prioritizing the 3 to 10 “pegs” on which your entire presentation will be anchored.
* Why do so many info-marketers under-use or mis-use their Testimonials? Testimonials are much more vital to info-marketers than to marketers of any other goods or services. There are more than a dozen key factors in maximum impact from testimonials…offline and online.
* Price: How to write about price – so it does not impede sales.
* Efficiency: Bill will show you how he converts one sales letter's supply of copy into an entire multi-step, multi-media campaign
* MR. FIX – IT…..believe it or not, Dan does not hit home runs out of the park every time he puts words on paper: what to do when results disappoint…..the dreaded re-write: necessary questions, re-positioning strategies
* Even if you insist you can't or don't want to write copy: how to be an Effective Collaborator in the Process, so you get maximum value from money spent on ‘hired guns'
* Million Dollar Sales Letters – what made these tick? Examples, examples, examples….
* From Bill: what is it like to have an entire multi-million dollar info-business fueled by copy and copywriting?...how much changes how continuously? Where does it all come from? How does it get done? How does it get Tested? Re-cycled?....

Dan Kennedy & Bill Glazer : The Advanced And Comprehensive Copywriting Boot Camp

Dan Kennedy & Bill Glazer : The Advanced And Comprehensive Copywriting Boot Camp

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