D-Town TV Collection (Season 2)

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D-Town TV Collection (Season 2)

D-Town TV Collection (Season 2)
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D-Town TV is a fresh approach to teaching camera tips and photographic techniques to today's digital photographers with Rafael "RC" Concepcion and Larry Becker as its hosts. No matter what the skill level or interest, each episode covers a wide variety of topics.

Season 2:
Episode 25
Scott kicks off the new season with a tip on using neutral density filters to shoot with fast lenses during the day.
Matt heads to Ybor City to share multiple new tips on shooting HDR. Be sure to check out the additional video tip here on DTownTV.com.
Joe McNally drops by with a tip on getting usable light from an on-camera flash.
Scott gives some great tips for shooting sports, straight from the sidelines of an NFL game!
Matt has a couple of great tips for shooting landscapes.

Episode 25 Bonus
This tutorial is referenced in the new episode (Ep 25) of D-Town TV. Matt Kloskowski generates an HDR image using Photomatix and then takes it into Photoshop for some final touches.

Episode 26
Scott shows how to get added control from a strip bank softbox with an eggcrate grid
Larry Becker shares a tool that allows you to turn one light bulb socket into four
Matt has a tip on creating great black and white photos using Nik's Silver Efex Pro
Scott shows off a great grip bag for taking photo gear on location

Episode 27
Matt kicks off the show with a tip on autofocus modes and using the right one in different situations
Larry Becker shows an affordable way to add a modeling light to your speedlite setup in the latest Cheap Shots segment
Scott has a followup tip from Episode 7 on using a battery grip to increase your frames per second
Chase Jarvis drops by to talk with Matt about becoming a better photographer, subtle lighting, favorite lenses, the "dirty secret" of professional photography, and his Best Camera app, book, and website.
Each week we'll be sharing the work of a photographer we really like. This week's photographer is Patrik Giardino, who does some amazing sports portraiture!

Episode 28
Scott shows how to set a custom white balance in the camera.
Joe McNally drops by to show how to adjust the brightness setting on your camera's LCD, and also has a tip on getting your focus cursor back to the middle quickly
Scott goes on location to show the benefits of getting your flash off camera for a beautiful portrait
Larry's back with another Cheap Shots to show his "budget assistant" for holding reflectors
This week's inspirational photographer is Sally Photography who shoots creative portraiture

Episode 29
Scott kicks the show off with a tip on reflections for product photography
Matt shows how he clean his camera's sensor using Visible Dust products
Scott Bourne stops by to talk about the new Canon 1D MkIV
Matt and Scott show how to get the most out of your on-camera flash
Larry has a creative tip on using sports equipment bags as photo gear bags
This week's photographer is automotive photographer Tim Wallace

Episode 30
Scott has a few tips for beginners on getting sharper photos
Be sure to sign up for Photoshop World before Feb 27 so you can get the $100 off Early Bird Special!
Scott Bourne is back to show a video DSLR rig from Red Rock Micro
Matt gives some tips for photographing snow scenes
This week's photographer is Tim Tadder, a great sports and advertising photographer

Episode 31
Matt kicks the show off with a tip on setting your autofocus to avoid shutter misfires
Scott Bourne is back again to show us the Z-Finder from Zacuto, which makes seeing your viewfinder easier when shooting HDDSLR video.
Come see Scott at his Photoshop for Digital Photographers seminar in Washington, D.C. on March 1!
Scott has a tip for making sure your off-camera speedlite fires every time by using Pocket Wizards.
Matt has a tip for incrementally increasing your ISO to make sure you get a sharp shot in low light when you don't have a tripod.
Cheap Shots with Larry Becker is back with an affordable and portable posing stool
This week's photographer is the world's top selling microstock photographer, Yuri Arcurs

Episode 32
Scott kicks things off from the sidelines of an NBA game with an example of why "fast glass" is so important.
Rick Sammon drops by the studio to share a number of tips for photographing people.
Matt goes on location to give five tips for using a reflector outdoors.
Does your 70-200 lens hood fall off too easily? Scott has the perfect replacement for you.
Check out the amazing work of sports photographer Dave Black!

Episode 33
Matt starts off with a few tips for doing macro photography
Scott Bourne is back with his final segment on shutter speeds when shooting video with your DSLR
Come see us at Photoshop World in Orlando, March 24-26!
Larry Becker has a creative tip for making the Hoodman Loupe easier to use in his latest Cheap Shots segment
Scott and Matt show off the Kelly Moore Bag, a camera bag for women.
Kelly is also this week's photographer to check out!

Episode 34
Scott has a few tips for protecting your images, and recovering them when something does happen
Scott Bourne is back again with FollowFocus from Redrock Micro for video DSLRs
Matt shows a technique for getting better light from an on-camera flash
Larry Becker talks about the Nikon SB-600 Speedlite in the latest edition of Cheap Shots
Scott shows off the Think Tank Airport International 2.0 camera bag
Matt talks about the Boda bag that he uses
David Ziser has a new book on wedding photography, Capture By The Light
Check out the work of music, fashion, and celebrity photographer John Wright

Episode 35
Scott starts with a tip on getting better sports shots by showing motion
Rick Sammon drops by to talk about wildlife photography
Matt talks about the settings to get right in camera, and when to worry about it later
Larry Becker shows an attachment that adds a sync port to the SB-600
Check out wedding photographer Joe Elario's website!

Episode 36
Scott shoots on location with portable portrait lighting
Wildlife photography tips with Moose Peterson
Brad Moore talks about auto ISO and concert photography
Larry Becker shows an attachment that adds an optical slave flash to SB-600
Scott talks about protecting your gear in poor weather conditions

Episode 37
Matt shows a workaround for bracketing if your camera doesn't have Auto Exposure Bracketing
David Ziser drops by with a tip on custom settings for shooting in a variety of situations with the same camera
Larry Becker talks about using the Gorillapod with a small ball head on the latest Cheap Shots
Dave Cross shows how to take full advantage of the OnOne DSLR Camera Remote software
Moose Peterson is back with another helpful tip for photographing "critters."
This week's suggested photographer is Erik Almas!
Check out previous episodes for all sorts of information on lenses

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