CSE HTML Validator Professional v9.01 Retail

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CSE HTML Validator Professional v9.01 Retail

CSE HTML Validator Professional v9.01 Retail-FOSI| File-Size: 9.75 MB
CSE HTML Validator - Professional HTML Syntax Checker and HTML Editor

CSE HTML Validator for Microsoft Windows
is a powerful, easy to use, user configurable, and all-in-one HTML, XHTML, and CSS checker that includes a link checker, spell checker, accessibility checker, built-in editor, and also checks for search engine issues. CSE HTML Validator helps eliminate website problems that cause visitors to leave websites. It increases productivity and saves time and money. THOUSANDS of registered customers use CSE HTML Validator, including web professionals, webmasters, corporations, government agencies, individuals, teachers, students, and non-profit organizations. Unlike many other HTML validators and checkers, CSE HTML Validator features an unusually powerful custom syntax checking engine that is specifically designed to check HTML, XHTML, and CSS.

CSE HTML Validator Std/Pro integrate a powerful, lightweight, clean HTML/text editor with CSE's famous validation engine that produces intelligent, thorough, and understandable results. Notice that the line in the document with the validator message is highlighted in red to indicate an error occurred on the line. Notice also that the message in the Results Window (at the bottom) has been selected causing the text responsible for the message to be selected.

CSE HTML Validator Professional v9.01 Retail

- Moved the Links menu into a submenu under the Help menu.
- Added View->Drag and Drop Menu to toggle whether the Drag and Drop Menu appears on the main menu. Most users do not use this menu so it will now be invisible by default.

Batch Wizard
- When linking to a local file target in a report, now uses the file:/// protocol for better browser compatibility (now works with Firefox).

- The HTML Tidy Tool Dialog Box now remembers whether it was maximized at last use.
- New More Options->Diagnostics Options->Show Warnings option in the HTML Tidy Tool Dialog Box.

Validator Engine
- Added tag name program functions random() and writeFile().

Improved Syntax/Link Checking
- Improved detection of incorrect double slashes in links - now accepts links starting with a double slash (bug fix) and improved detection of incorrect double (or more) slash strings in links like "http:///domain.com/".
- Added some less commonly used DOCTYPEs to the list of recognized DOCTYPEs to prevent warning messages when these DOCTYPEs are added by the HTML Tidy Tool.
- Now recognizes meta refresh links so the link can be checked and/or followed.
- The validator engine spell checking now checks the spelling of the words in the meta keywords tag.
- New flag 113 displays a random search engine tip.


(File-Size: 9.75 MB)

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