Crucible of Empire The Spanish American War (1999)

Crucible of Empire The Spanish American War (1999)
Crucible of Empire The Spanish American War (1999)

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In 1898, the premise was straightforward enough: help Cuba remove the Spaniards from their borders. But when the smoke cleared, the Spanish-American War proved to be the factor that brought the United States out of isolationism to its position as a world power. The PBS film Crucible of Empire: The Spanish-American War examines the different elements that led to the war, including William Randolph Hearst's yellow journalism, the Maine, economic conditions, and race issues. After the war, the United States would acquire Cuba, the Philippines, and other Spanish possessions.

Crucible of Empire demonstrates how and why the Spanish-American War constitutes such an important milestone in U.S. history. This program examines the events and attitudes that led to war, followed by an exploration of the conflict and its outcome. Early film footage and stills of battle scenes, plus rich visuals, a compelling story, and intriguing analogies to current foreign policy make Crucible of Empire a riveting documentary.

Narrated by award winning actor Edward James Olmos, Crucible of Empire, brings to life this significant but often overlooked war. Including reenactments, interviews with noted authors and popular historians, as well as, a dozen newly arranged popular songs from the period. Shot on location in Cuba and the Philippines.

Crucible of Empire The Spanish American War (1999)

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