Creative Cow Master Series After Effects The Next Level

Tutorial & e-learning. October 5, 2011 by Muawia.

Creative Cow Master Series After Effects The Next Level | 1.21 GB

As the creative director of All Bets Are Off Productions in New York City, Aharon knows what you need to know to get the most out of this very powerful program. Whether you're a working AE pro, or a student who hopes to become one, these 50 tutorials are for you. Over 6 hours of techniques and tips to get you to the next level of After Effects expertise! Includes AE 7 project files.

Complete table of contents

Part 1: Work Better in After Effects
Tips and Techniques for getting the job done faster and better
(Approx 180 Minutes - 161 Minutes of Video, +19 Minutes of Audio):

1. Introduction (audio)


2. AE Workflow Tips #1: AE Duplication
3. AE Workflow Tips #2: Rendering
4. AE Workflow Tips #3: Open in Editor
5. AE Workflow Tips #4:Renaming Elements
6. AE Workflow Tips #5: Find Stuff
7. AE Workflow Tips #6: Dragging
8. Blending Mode Tips #1


9. Fixing Scaling Issues, Part 1
10. Fixing Scaling Issues, Part 2
11. Keeping Your Speed Constant in AE
12. Scaling a Motion Path
13. Importing a Motion Path
14. Getting Data from AE 7 into Older versions of AE (After Effects 7 and ParticleIllusion 3)
15. Multi-Machine Rendering with After Effects
16. GridIron Nucleo Pro Introduction and Review

Understanding After Effects

17. Effectively Using AE Z-Scale
18. Straight Vs. Premultipled
19. Nesting and Pre-Composing - Part 1
20. Nesting and Pre-Composing - Part2

Effects Workflow

21. Super Tight Junk Mattes
22. Creating an Outline around an Actor
23. Force Motion Blur
24. Lip-Syncing in After Effects

Avoiding Problems

25. Broadcast Safe Colors in After Effects
26. Common After Effects Gotchas #1
27. AE Boomerang Effect, Part 1
28. AE Boomerang Effect, Part 2
29. Work Better in After Effects (Audio)

Part 2: After Effects Unplugged
Creating Popular Effects without 3rd Party Plug-ins
(Approx. 188 Minutes)

1. Introduction

Commonly Seen Effects

2. Creating the Old TV Signal Look
3. TV On and Off
4. Film Flash Transition
5. Horror Text Part 1
6. Horror Text Part 2
7. Creating and Enhancing Text Wipe On Effects in AE

Displacement Maps

8. Displacement Mapping Part 1
9. Displacement Mapping Part 2
10. Displacement Mapping Part 3

Fractal Noise

11. The Very, Very basics of Fractal Noise
12. Looping AE's Fractal Noise Effect
13. Effecting the AE Fractal Noise Effect

Bird Flock

14. Creating a Flock of Birds in AE, part 1
15. Creating a Flock of Birds in AE, part 2

Wave Form

16. Creating a Custom Wave Form - Part 1
17. Creating a Custom Wave Form - Part 2

Animate a Signature

18. Animating a Signature on Screen
19. Signature Part 2

Video to Vector Cartoon

20. Converting Video to Cartoon, Part 1
21. Converting Video to Cartoon, Part 2
22. Converting Video to Cartoon, Part 3

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