Contort v2.7

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Contort v2.7

Contort v2.7 | File-Size: 1.78 MB
CONTORT: Distort and merge images

Create surreal still or animated AVI file images by exploding, imploding, nudging and twisting any part of the picture. Merge in parts of other images at any position without visible joins. Other features include: color blushing, inverse brightness, rotation, pencil draw effect. An interesting feature is the ability to remerge the finishing picture with one of the earlier 'source' images. Combining any or all of these features will create amazing weird and wonderful effects.

Picture distorter.
Load any real-life picture and distort it in selectable zones with twist, nudge implosion/explosion buttons. (Try this with close-up portraits). The zone shape is elliptical and its size and position can be changed at any time..

Merge parts of pictures.
Merge all or any part of two pictures

To produce this ....
Various whole-picture merging options are available. Any size portion from any position of one picture can be overlayed anywhere onto another picture. The overlaying portions trails off towards the edge to completely eliminate visible joins. This feature prevents the obvious ugly ad-hoc cut and paste silouetting seen with some programs.

Weird bizarre merging of parts of a dog and goat. It does not take long to generate images like these. No awkward silhouette cut and shut needed - see portion merging. Click on them to blow 'em up.

Contrast enhance parts of pictures
In this example the contrast was increased on the foreground parts on the right picture. By adjustments of the 'blush reference color' and using the blush buttons you can also lighten or darken areas , increase or decrease contrast towards or away from any color therefore adding any amount of color tint during the process. Apply the effects to any part of the picture as required.

Color Blusher and portion merging
Similar to the previous example you can also portion merge in parts of another picture and apply the same effects.

Pencil draw effect
A pencil draw' feature is included and you can modify its behavior by changing contrast/brightness first.

Banding effect
This feature converts the image to black and white bands the position is dependent on image brightness as seen on the left. The middle picture is the same but with the 'edge' feature added after which causes a contor line effect. The right image is a merge of two banded pictures with different banding setups.

Merge text to an image.
Enter up to ten lines of text of any size font and color.


(File-Size: 1.78 MB)

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