Compusoft Winner v9.0a2 MultiLanguage

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Compusoft Winner v9.0a2 MultiLanguage
Compusoft Winner v9.0a2 MultiLanguage | 552 MB

Winner is a wonderful sales tool for kitchen and bathroom dealers. Thanks to the exceptional user-friendliness and the powerful automatic response of the Winner program you can now design advanced kitchens or bathrooms in minutes.
The fully integrated system with all components running on a common database and always communicating with each other in real time, allows Winner to not only enhance the efficiency of your sales and design department but also increase your profits by minimising the risk of errors and by providing better tools and procedures to follow-up projects.

Product Features:
We build solutions that set high demands for performance and usability. We understand that continuity is key to your business. Therefore we have been innovating and evolving with new solutions and services to meet the demands of our customers.

- User-friendliness
Winner is created with the focus on user-friendliness.
For a program to be user-friendly it is not enough that it is easy to learn, it must also be easy to use. In other words, it must enable the user to work quickly and effectively. With Winner the user can create attractive drawings and calculate detailed priced offers very quickly in order to close a sale in the easiest and most effective way. Winner does this with a set of powerful, yet easy to use tools.
Many operations that users of other CAD programs have to do manually are done automatically by Winner. Some of the helpful tools in Winner are:
* Automatic calculation of cornices, plinths and light screens
* Automatic generation of worktops
* Creation of islands
* Real-time updated perspective on same or external screen
* Drawing of tailor made tables, worktops and baldachins
* Mixing of different models/styles/finishes in the same kitchen
* Automatic comparison of pricing between models.

- Integrated graphics and commercial components
The key advantage of Winner is that its graphic and commercial components are fully integrated as they use a common and shared database. Winner’s integration of drawings or views of plans, elevation, perspectives, worktops, etc., with the offer and order information makes sure that every action is automatically updated in real-time in all views. Any intervention in the quotation will be immediately reflected in the plan drawing and vice versa. This means that the quotation is always updated showing correct item lines, numbers and prices.
Many other CAD program suppliers need to have customised interfaces need to have customized interfaces between their graphic and commercial components because the two are developed by different companies.
A fully integrated program provides increased transparency and reliability resulting in fewer planning errors or oversights in orders sent to manufacturers. This is even more critical when dealers transfer orders automatically to furniture and appliance manufacturers.

- Faster communication using the internet
Download and install updated catalogues directly from Winner!
The latest available Winner catalogues are only a couple of mouse clicks away. Simply select download catalogues and you get a list of updated catalogues. You can also program Winner to check for updates automatically so that you always work with the latest catalogues.
Send offers to your customers via email directly from Winner!
In Winner everything you can print on paper you can also send as email. This means that instead of doing a printout and sending it to a customer, you can mail them directly. This is fast, cheap and convenient. The email will contain PDF files, so it is not a problem to include graphics.
Send orders to your manufacturer electronically
Send orders and drawings to your suppliers electronically. They can be sent from Winner to Winner or from Winner to any computer with Windows (and the freely downloadable Acrobat® Reader).

- Real-time realistic 3D graphics
Winner’s real-time 3D graphics provide an instant lifelike look and feel of your designs. Winner uses OpenGL to display hardware accelerated graphics.
Winner can display an unlimited number of HW accelerated perspective views. This means that you can see the same room from many different angles at the same time.
Winner perspectives can either be in Normal or VR Mode. In Normal Mode users get an excellent overview of the room because they are observing it from the outside (walls facing away from the user are transparent). In VR Mode the user can walk around inside the room to get the feel of it.

- All in your language
It is quite exceptional in this business to find a supplier who offers programs, catalogues as well as hotline and training services in eleven languages. Compusoft is particularly proud of this part of its service, since it means that you always have an up-to-date "on screen" help functions and user documentation in your own language for every new program version.
The languages currently available are: English, French, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.

- High quality catalogues, delivered on-time
The catalogues are probably the most underestimated part of our business. As most people are very focused on the performance of the program as such, they tend to forget that in fact such a CAD program has very little value without the appropriate manufacturer catalogues. How can a dealer make a correct quotation without the right catalogues being integrated into the program? So, when signing an order for a CAD program, make 100% sure that your software supplier will always deliver accurate catalogues as well. Do not accept verbal promises, but insist on having written guarantees.

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1. Run SETUP.EXE and follow instructions.
2. Run AO-W90A2-PATCH.EXE from the CRACK folder to remove the dongle protection.



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