Clipboard Box v4.2

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Clipboard Box v4.2
Clipboard Box v4.2 | 2.00 MB

Clipboard Box saves time and makes you more productive by adding clipboard functions that windows clipboard leaves out---starting with the ability to save 100 clips,instead of just one. Everybody needs Clipboard Box,especially for programmer and officer. The Windows has only one clip to let you save your data, but now Clipboard Box can save 100 clips that can be easily copied and pasted.Do you alway get confused by the Windows clipboard? Now you have the power to view the clipboard's content and easily copy/paste the saved item into your favorite place. With the easy to use interface,you will enjoy the exciting feeling of copying and pasting.

1.Clipboard Box has many clips to let you save your data.
2.Can save any text or images.
3.Cute GUI(graphic user interface)
4.Easy-To-Use Inteface ,just by clicking item to finish retrieving.
5.can save and load items whatever you like.
6.can set your own options as you like.
7.The Window can hide automatically when reached the edge of screen.
8.You can save entries to any folder as you wish.
9.You can modify every items in detail window,then apply it.
10.You can find the string you want in the entry list just clicking on "Search" Button.
11.Add "capture full screen and region screen" function.
User's Comment
One of the annoying things when one is multitasking between various programs is the pitiful copy-and-paste clipboard features Windows provides - well it doesn’t: it can copy and past only one at a time - at least as far as I know. How many times have I wanted to copy more than one thing at a time but couldn’t. Annoying. And that’s where Clipboard Box comes to the rescue. As stated above it can save up to numerous items, including images. It’s a small download (under 1.13MB) and has a slick Mac-like user interface. --HART.

Why need Clipboard Box?
The Windows has only one clip to let you save your data. But Clipboard Box has numerous clips.
Do you often need to move many pieces of data from one application to another?
Do you often need to save many pieces of data at hand when you need it? Doctors,Lawyers,Teachers,Clergy,Genealogists,Engineers,Programmer
and Internet Marketers of every sort,depend on Clipboard Box every day to make their work easier.
We invite you to explore our free 30 uses of Clipboard Box- the application that changed the Windows clipboard forever,starting way back in 2004.
For most customers' desire,Clipboard box currently can support Image data.

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