Civilization V Campaign Edition v1.0.7 Multilingual MacOSX Retail-CORE

MACOSX, Mac OS X Games. July 22, 2012 by nico.
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  • Remember where you got this release, DDLBOX !

    CORE released Mac 0day game Cracked Civilization V: Campaign Edition, includes the following DLC for free. Babylon Civilization Pack, and their ruler Nebuchadnezzar II, as well as the Mongols Civilization and Scenario Pack. Now updated with Retina display support!


    Languages: English, French, German

    Size: 4.17 GB (4,475,276,276 bytes)

    Just install.


    Download File


    Here you can download files online. Unlimited access to all sources file with one click direct download link!
    • toni
    • [7 January 2013 09:54]
    The links sucks.
    • BartiB
    • [1 August 2012 11:23]
    What is B.S.? :P
    • NukeIt
    • [28 July 2012 01:06]
    This release may as well be nuked. It neither works without fixing and there is a newer release on B.S. with all the DLC content unlocked.
    • Bullshite
    • [26 July 2012 23:09]
    Game won't launch. Waste of time and bandwidth! No wonder there was no links for this shite!
    • Retards
    • [23 July 2012 15:03]
    "haha kids desperate for link"

    More like kids playing games and pretending to have a clue.

    I haz ice cream but you can't haz any! The mentality of retards in a playground!
    • nico
    • [22 July 2012 19:15]
    haha kids desperate for link
    • fake.
    • [22 July 2012 19:13]
    no link
    • nico
    • [22 July 2012 18:08]
    treat this as "release" from scene

    why dont you see my point we try to covers great releases from teh scene ;)

    u not see this release on others releases blog huh
    • WTF
    • [22 July 2012 18:03]
    "why because we post releases not LINKs"

    nico why is there download links for everything else ? Who are you fooling with this bullsshite we don't post links. Get off the crack pipe and quit making excuses. Nuke this useless lame non-release.
    • nico
    • [22 July 2012 15:08]
    why because we post releases not LINKs

    this pred by CORE
    • thx653
    • [22 July 2012 07:50]
    Why make an announcement of game, in other Civilixation V, while the links are not even available. This is a joke? This announcement is a non-sense.
    • Huh
    • [22 July 2012 07:49]
    There's no links for a game to download from netload. There's a nfo and spam for this board. I'm starting to think this release is a hoax.
    • nico
    • [21 July 2012 21:22]
    • WhereDaLinks
    • [21 July 2012 21:14]
    This release seems to be vaporware. There's no links in the folder at netload. And another site has no links either. LOL
    • thx653
    • [20 July 2012 21:06]
    The links, please