Channel 4 - Time Team S17E01-05 (2010)

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Channel 4 - Time Team S17E01-05 (2010)
Channel 4 - Time Team S17E01-05 (2010)
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Time Team is a British television series shown on Channel 4 since 1994. Presented by actor Tony Robinson, a team of specialists carry out an archaeological dig in three days, with Robinson explaining the process in layman’s terms.
Time Team has had many companion shows during its run, including Time Team Extra, History Hunters and Time Team Digs. The series also features special episodes, often documentaries on history or archaeology, and live episodes. Time Team America a US version of the programme has been broadcast on PBS from July 2009, and co-produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting and Videotext/C4i.
Time Team was developed from an earlier Channel 4 series Time Signs, first broadcast in 1991. Produced by Tim Taylor, it featured Mick Aston and Phil Harding, who both went on to appear on Time Team.

S17E01: Corridors Of Power.
Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London.
In the first episode of the new series Tony Robinson, Professor Mick Aston and the team investigate one of Britain’s greatest historic landmarks - Westminster Abbey. Surrounded by the sights and sounds of Parliament Square, the archaeologists have three days to pin down the location of a lost sacristy, a stronghold which was built by Henry III almost 800 years ago and is said to have housed the biggest collection of treasure this side of the Alps.
Under the watchful eye of the Abbey’s clergy and numerous tourists, the diggers’ attempts to find this important building are continually thwarted by the driving London rain and centuries of later building work. And by the time the dig reaches the 18th century, surprisingly, the remains of a whole row of houses and workshops built right up against the abbey are uncovered. The team eventually pick through the later buildings to discover their medieval target only to find it wasn’t what everyone expected. Over three days the team redraw the plan of the magnificent building constructed by Henry III and find tantalising evidence of an even earlier religious settlement - a pair of beautifully preserved thousand year old burials just a metre below the Abbey verge.

S17E02: A Saintly Site.
Baliscate Chapel, Tobermory, Isle Of Mull.
The Time Team are invited by two amateur archaeologists to Mull, where a mysterious set of earthworks have been found near the town of Tobermory. The locals believe they have uncovered one of the earliest chapels in Scotland, founded by the Irish priest who brought Christianity to the north of Britain, Saint Columba.

S17E03: Bridge Over The River Tees.
Piercebridge, County Durham.
Tony and the team get their feet wet as they examine a stretch of the River Tees where local divers have discovered more than 2,000 high-quality Roman finds. The river flows past one of the most impressive Roman forts in northern Britain, and over three days the archaeologists cast their net far and wide investigating the buildings, roads and structures around this strategic crossing.

S17E04: In The Halls Of A Saxon King.
Sutton Courteney, Oxfordshire.
The Team travel to Sutton Courtenay to investigate buildings once occupied by Anglo Saxon royalty, uncovering the biggest Saxon building ever discovered in Britain and what they think might be an Anglo Saxon totem pole.

S17E05: The Massacre In The Cellar.
Hopton Castle, Shropshire.
The team visit the remains of Hopton Castle in Shropshire and attempt to put together a piece-by-piece reconstruction of the battle which took place there during the English Civil War.


Channel 4 - Time Team S17E01-05 (2010)

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