cFosSpeed v4.50.1456 FINAL (32 & 64 bit)

Software, InterNet Tools. February 11, 2009 by SCOUT-7.
cFosSpeed v4.50.1456 FINAL (32 & 64 bit)
cFosSpeed v4.50.1456 FINAL (32 & 64 bit) | 4.53 MB

Internet Acceleration by Traffic Shaping

Traffic Shaping best for

* Broadband: DSL, Cable
* Narrow band: modem, ISDN
* Mobile
* Filesharing (P2P)
* Games
* Streaming Media, VoIP

* Low Ping
* Prioritising programs
* Prioritising protocols
* Online Budgets
* Firewall

What's new?
cFosSpeed 4.50 build 1456 -- 10-Feb-2009

+ Added new skin: "LC History"; it's like our well-known Liquid Crystal skin,
but with a history that scrolls to the left.

+ Added Layer-7 detection for large HTTP downloads (client & server).
HTTP transfers which take more than 1 sec. at full speed are now
classified as HTTP_C_BULK / HTTP_S_BULK and have low priority as
default. You can change the priority in the Layer-7 Protocol prioritization
dialog. Warning: This will only work, if the current HTTP connection
is not reused by the browser. Otherwise the first classification
will be used. The next version will remove this limitation.

+ Speeded memory allocation.

+ Improved detection of packets that NDIS sends erroneously to cFosSpeed.

x Added better handling of multiple but different SYN segments and improved
recovery after ACK for unsent data. Thanks to khashayar zayyani for help.

x Fixed a crash with Cisco Systems VPN Client. Thanks to Hardi Trenkel for
crash dump file.

x Adapters were sometimes unbound too fast, which caused Windows problems.

x It seems some networks trash the Ping IP packet when they return it to the
sender and cFosSpeed couln't find the replies in its lists. Thus, we
relaxed the check a bit. Thanks to Deepak for bug report.

x Tried to fix problem with socket error sending pings that caused ping
balloons. Thanks to yen linh for report.

x Fixed a bug where cFosSpeed would not properly reset the 'bridged'
setting when the router resets while cFosSpeed is running. Thanks to 4wd
for bug report and testing.

x Sometimes HTTP, SSL and SSH non-BULK l7-protocols would stay on default
priority even if the l7-protocol priority was set to high. Fixed. Thanks
to mumia for bug report.

x Fixed a crash under Vista that would close spd.exe. Thanks to SyntaX.

x Fixed x64 installer: now it pops up UAC dialog under Vista to make you full
Admin. This bug was introduced in build 1433.

x Fixed some Windows object security problems.

x L7 protocols SSL_C, SSL_S and SSH sometimes switched between _BULK and
regular versions periodically. This has been amended.

- Removed obsolete NDIS handler.

- Removed speed.gadget from distribution. It can now be downloaded from
our website.

OS: Windows Vista/XP/2000 + Server 2003 & 2008, Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit)

homepage - here

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