Celemony Melodyne Studio Edition v3.2.2.2

Software, Multi-Media. October 24, 2008 by CONFiG.
Celemony Melodyne Studio Edition v3.2.2.2

Celemony Melodyne Studio Edition v3.2.2.2 // AiR

Melodyne is a programme that allows a completely new approach to the handling of audio material. It analyzes the pitch and time of monophonic audio files (from, for example, singers, wind or string instruments) and offers the opportunity to change whole melodies in a way only previously possible at MIDI-Level.

What Melodyne can do

Melodyne is able to change the musical parameters of voices or instruments without any actual influence on the character of the recording. Melodyne extracts the pitch and the rhythm, and provides an area in which to play with the audio material. Any change in this material is interpreted by the software in a musically intelligent manner and the result will always sound natural. Working with Melodyne is as easy as editing notes with MIDI.

Important features at a glance

Pitch shifting and formant correction by more than an octave are performed without affecting sound character and velocity. New melodies can be invented with a given material and unpleasant intonations can be corrected with a mouse click.
A change in intonation is possible by an increase or decrease in phrasing or vibrato. A change in formant is produced by an amplification or diminution of the resonance volume, thus making a trombone out of a trumpet sound or a tenor out of a soprano voice.

Flexible time-stretching allows the acceleration or deceleration of a single note or of a whole arrangement through the concept of local sound. There are no limits to deceleration, and a standing sound will be the ultimate result when velocity is zero.
Melodyne recognizes the rhythm of music, as each given note "knows" its place within a beat. Notes can thus be quantified automatically, and they can also be synchronized to a reference melody with a mouse click.
Via copy and paste, a new melody can be derived from single notes or a new arrangement can be created from single tracks. Differences in beat will be corrected automatically.

Key facts

Access individual notes in chords and polyphonic audio:
see them, grab them, edit them

Audio, not MIDI!
while editing single chord notes is common for MIDI, it is a world premiere for audio recordings. Patent pending.

Examples of use:
tune a guitar after recording, correct harmony vocals that are out of tune, or fix their timing, turn major chords to minor (and vice versa), switch tone scales, mute single notes, remix volume levels, etc. – all after the performance is already taped!

All Melodyne tools available:
pitch shifting, time stretching, formants, amplitude – you name it ...

Coming soon
available in Melodyne plugin, Version 2, first (scheduled for early 2009); will also be integrated in future updates of other Melodyne editions

Upgrade options
benefit from being a registered Melodyne user.


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