CBT Nuggets - Microsoft Office Word 2007 MCAS 77-601

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CBT Nuggets - Microsoft Office Word 2007 MCAS 77-601
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Put real processing power in your hands with Word 2007. Trainer Chris Ward will show you how to harness that power and become a Word 2007 expert user. Chris walks you step-by-step through the installation process. Then he breaks down the critical features and tools you''ll be using to make word processing flow smooth and easy. By the time it takes to finish this video series, you''ll be creating wonderfully formatted documents that have "professional" written all over them.

What You'll Learn

Series 1:
Video 1: Installing Office 2007|17:54

Even though Microsoft continues to make it easier to install the software it produces, there are always a few "gotchas" to look for. This video leads you through the setup of Office Small Business 2007
Video 2: Workspace Area Fundamentals|19:57

There's no doubt about it. Word 2007 looks entirely different than it used to. There's the Office Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar, and your favorite commands aren't where they used to be. This nugget will help get you comfortable with the new look and feel of Word 2007.
Video 3: Creating and Viewing Documents|20:24

Did you know that Word 2007 uses a different file format now? How does it impact those who don't have the latest version of Office 2007? Don't worry, there are ways to insure that there is backward compatibility with older versions of Word and there are even new ways to save your documents.
Video 4: Entering Text, Symbols and Equations|17:25

There are basic things we do in Word 2007, like typing in text and using symbols. All of this is familiar to those of us who have been using Office products for years. But even those of us who are veterans will find the Equations to be new and exciting in this nugget video!
Video 5: Manipulating Text and Spelling/Grammar|31:04

Word processors allow us the freedom to move our text, change our text, and pretty much transform our text in ways typewriters couldn't even dream of. We also look at some basics about Spelling and Grammar checking performed by Word 2007
Video 6: Automatic Features Part 1|20:34

Autocorrect is a great way to try and "guess" what we meant to type. Word 2007 has this turned on by default. But did you know with the new Equation feature that you have Auto Math correct? Learn how this feature protects you from making math errors in your equations.
Video 7: Automatic Features Part 2|25:09

Autoformat has changed a bit in Word 2007. We'll take a look at the changes as well as look at Smart Tags, the new (and testable) feature called Building Blocks, and some pre-built items that will help streamline your word processing.
Video 8: Using Graphics Part 1|19:49

Black and white text might be enough to convey your point, but if you add pictures and clip art you can tell an even more dynamic story. Look at this nugget video to find out how we insert and manipulate graphics into our Word 2007 documents.
Video 9: Using Graphics Part 2|28:41

Word Art and Autoshapes are also very important to those of us who learn and understand things visually. These features are sometimes overlooked when developing your Word documents. Find out how to utilize these features in this nugget video.
Video 10: Diagrams and SmartArt|24:26

How often have you found yourself not understanding the flow of how things work only to be shown a flowchart or Venn diagram that brings the point home? Here we see how to use diagrams and the new Smart Art feature to astound and amaze friends and co-workers with your graphics capabilities.
Video 11: Charts and Data|17:06

Sometimes the amount of data we are showing in a Word Document or Excel Spreadsheet can overwhelm the observer. Here we'll show you how to use and format charts effectively as well as how to update and link data to these charts from internal and external sources.
Video 12: Text Formatting|20:45

Using different fonts, different colors, underlining, bolding, italics, etc. All of these features have been around a long time in word processing. Word 2007 takes them to the next level.
Video 13: Paragraph Formatting|27:31

Many people don't understand the reason for paragraphs and how Word 2007 treats these blocks of text. Here you will learn how powerful a paragraph can become in deciding formatting and setting text apart from other areas of your document.
Video 14: Tabs and Columns|22:22

Frequently misunderstood and often overlooked, Tabs and Columns can help keep your text distinct from other portions of your document. They can clean up what could be an otherwise mass of text and graphics. Learn how to use tabs and columns effectively in this nugget.
Video 15: Page Formatting Part 1 - Structure|27:04

Indents, Page breaks and Sections are all part of the structure of your page. Here we find out how to set these up for a document that flows together seamlessly.
Video 16: Page Formatting Part 2 - Colors and Design|23:59

Not only can you divide you document page by page, but you can set some of it apart by using Colors and textures on the page. Watermarks, Color, Borders, and Shading. Check out how to make your document come alive on the Printed or Viewed page.
Video 17: Tables - Format and Design|27:35

Organizing your data or text can be as easy as placing it into tables. We find out in this nugget how to set up, format, and even modify tables.
Video 18: Organizing Documents - Table of Contents, Indexing|32:52

When you have a document that's over 100 pages long, it can be a chore to find certain parts that need editing. Or perhaps you want to skip right to the part you want to read. A Table of Contents and the Indexing features of Word 2007 will make you a happy editor.
Video 19: Organizing Documents - Indexing and Referencing|20:12

In this nugget we explore deeper how to index and even make references available to your document. Researchers and Authors need to know how to properly create a Bibliography or "Works Cited" area to give proper credit to references you've made.
Video 20: Collaboration|31:41

If one person working on a document can produce a great document, imagine if you have two or more people working on a document! In this nugget we'll discover how to keep track of changes, protect your document from unnecessary format changes, and even how to email your documents back and forth.
Video 21: Personalization - Customizing your environment|30:32

Everyone has their preferences. Everyone has different opinions on how to keep their workspace organized. In Word 2007 you have options galore that you can set to make Word 2007 YOUR word processor and not just what Microsoft wants it to be. Take advantage of the many options available to streamline your workflow.
Video 22: Advanced Features - Linking, Mail Merge, and Macros|32:40

There are some features that are not typically used by an average user of Word 2007 that can raise you to the level of Power User. Linking Data, Macros, and Mail Merge can be the first steps to making you the envy of your office.




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