CBT Nuggets - Administering Internet Information Services 7.0 and 7.5

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CBT Nuggets - Administering Internet Information Services 7.0 and 7.5

CBT Nuggets - Administering Internet Information Services 7.0 and 7.5 | 390.59 MB

Are you tired of relying on automated Web application installers? This video series shows you how to create, configure, monitor and maintain Web and FTP sites totally on your own.

Trainer Don Jones demonstrates every imaginable IIS feature configuration, including IIS security and troubleshooting. In no time you'll be managing even large IIS Web farms.

Administering Internet Information Services (IIS) rounds out resumes for virtually any IT admin, including Windows, Exchange or SharePoint administrators.

Administering Internet Information Services 7.0 and 7.5 contains:
# Introduction
# Architecture, Tools, and techniques
# Installing and Configuring IIS
# Web Server Administration
# Application Poolsand Worker Processes
# Web Server Extensions
# FTP Server Administration
# Security
# SSL and Digital Certificates
# The Web Platform Installer and IIS.net
# Advanced Web Server Configuration
# ASP.NET Configuration
# Troubleshooting
# Performance Tuning and Monitoring
# Automating IIS Management by Using Windows PowerShell
# Using Network Load Balancing
# IIS as an Open Source Web Platform
# Best Practices for IIS Architecture

Here's what you'll learn in each video of Administering Internet Information Services 7.0 and 7.5 series:

Video 1 - "Introduction" -

Video 2 - "Architecture, Tools, and Techniques" - Kernel-Mode Listener. Worker Processes. Modular Architecture. Management Console. PowerShell Cmdlets.

Video 3 - "Installing and Configuring IIS" - Installing the IIS Role. Selecting and Installing IIS Features. Explanation of all Available Features. Installing IIS 7.5 on Server Core 2008 R2

Video 4 - "Web Server Administration" - Basic Settings. Bindings. Virtual Directories. Logging. MIME Types. Individual Sites vs. Master Web Configuration. Web.config Files

Video 5 - "Application Pools and Worker Processes" - Purpose of Application Pools. Worker Process Recycling. Application Pool and Worker Process Configuration.

Video 6 - "Web Server Extensions" - ISAPI Extensions or Applications (ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, Perl, PHP, etc.). ISAPI Filters (Logging, URL rewriting, Cookies, etc.). CGI and Other Extensions. Specifics for ASP.NET. Specifics for PHP.

Video 7 - "FTP Server Administration" - Basic Settings. Bindings. Virtual Directories. Logging. Request Filtering. Directory Browsing. User Isolation. Individual Sites vs. Master FTP Configuration.

Video 8 - "Security" - Worker Process Identity. NTFS Security. Web Site Security. Authentication Modules. Authorization Rules. IP Address and Domain Restrictions.

Video 9 - "SSL and Digital Certificates" - The Role of the CA. Types of Certificates (Domain-Only, Standard SSL, Subject Alternative Name (SAN), Extended Verification (EV)). Creating a Certificate Request. Installing a Certificate. SSL-Related Configuration Options.

Video 10 - "The Web Platform Installer and IIS.net" - Installing the Web Platform Installer. Installing Official Microsoft Extensions (URL Rewriter). Installing Third-Party Extensions. Installing Web Applications

Video 11 - "Advanced Web Server Configuration" - Compression. Default Documents. Directory Browsing. Custom Error Pages. CGI and FastCGI.URL Rewriting. Limits. Host Headers.

Video 12 - "ASP.NET Configuration" - .NET Authorization. .NETcompilation. .NET Trust Levels. Application Settings. Session State. Machine Key. SMTP E-Mail

Video 13 - "Troubleshooting" - Working with Windows Event Logs. Working with Web Services Logs. IIS Diagnostics Toolkit. Working with Failed Request Tracing. Troubleshooting Session State Failures.

Video 14 - "Performance Tuning and Monitoring" - Monitoring IIS Performance and Activity. Tuning Web Server Performance. Tips for Optimizing Performance. User Code: The Performance Bottleneck. Monitoring Worker Process . Recycling and Application Health. Best Practices for IIS Availability Monitoring. Mention SCOM Management Pack

Video 15 - "Automating IIS Management by Using Windows PowerShell" - PowerShell Overview. The Web Services Module. The IIS: Drive. IIS-Related Cmdlets.

Video 16 - "Using Network Load Balancing" - NLB Overview and Architecture. Installing NLB. Configuring NLB. Replicating Content and Configuration in a Web Farm http://blogs.iis.net/steveschofield/default.aspx?PageIndex=4 (Msdeploy.exe, Xcopy, Dfs, RepliWeb)

Video 17 - "IIS as an Open Source Web Platform" - Installing and Configuring MySQL. Installing and Configuring PHP. Installing and Configuring PHPMyAdmin. Installing and Configuring WordPress.

Video 18 - "Best Practices for IIS Architecture" - Clusters and Load Balancing. Security and Firewalls. Reducing the IIS Attack Surface. Fighting Off Malware. Using a Relational Database Management System. Creating a Content Publishing Architecture.

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