Cathode 0.9.6

MACOSX. April 4, 2011 by Hercul.

Cathode 0.9.6 (64-bit Only) MacOSX | 1.47MB

Cathode is a graphically rich vintage terminal emulator. Bask in the glow of over-bright phosphors that flash on and slowly fade away. Customize the screen's curvature, colors, and transparency. Slow the bit-rate to a crawl. Watch the strange dance of beam desyncs and shifting colors. Turn up the noise, jitter, and flicker to add a realistic warmth. Immerse yourself in full-screen mode.

Version 0.9.6:

o Works with PageUp/PageDown/Home/End.
o Works with mouse gestures.
o Looks great.
Better International Text Support
o All characters from the ISO-8859-1 (Latin1 / Western Europe) standard are now supported.
o You can use standard Mac OS X key combos for entering characters. (eg. add an acute accent by typing option+'e' before a character).
o Classic bitmap fonts have been updated to support ISO-8859-1.
o UTF-8 is used internally for all data flow.
o The LANG environment variable is now set based on the language settings in System Preferences.
o SSH no longer asks for passwords repeatedly. Cathode properly sets the SSH_AUTH_SOCK environment variable.
o Bell sound can be disabled in the General Preferences.
New Command-Line Defaults
o "ScrollBackRowCount" (Default is 10000)
o "Color1", "Color2" ... "Color15" (For overriding the standard colors. Uses hex RGB strings. Eg. red would be "FF0000").
o "BackgroundWindowsRenderAtFullQuality" (The default is NO. Intended only for media centers/kiosks/servers. This feature can significantly slow down drawing in other apps.)
Known Issues
o There are driver issues with some of the brand new MacBooks (introduced on Feb 26th 2011). These are a top priority.
o Vttest still shows quite a few emulation layout bugs. These are a medium-to-high priority.


* Intel
* Intel Mac
* Mac OS 10.6
* OpenGL 2.0
* Note: Intel GMA950/3100 and ATI Radeon 1600/1900 are not supported.





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